Abstract lines on large paper with sea shells and rose petals.
2024.05.24 – Sky’s Empty Without You
Camellia blossom up close.
2024.03.11 – Flower Journal
Rubber stamp prints on the wall.
2024.01.27 – The Art of Stealing Moments.
Gardenia blossom with a sea surface image layered.
2023.12.31 – Timeless
2 birds soaring in blue sky.
2023.11.10 – Photo A Day, November 2023.
A drift wood and a dried spider lily blossom.
2023.10.13 – Present.
A red car parked by a desert road, and the photographer's reflection on car window.
2023.03.22 – Desert Sensibility
An art print of swan and rabbit illustration on a wall with silhouette of wreaths.
2023.01.22 – Way Finders
Photo of Ume blossoms layered over sea horizon at sunset.
2022.12.19 – Untitled. (A Year In Review)
Gardenia Blossom details with a dew drop.
2021.12.31 – Because It Rained.
Spider lilies, a shell and a book.
2021.12.19 – Here’s Your Scarab – Happy Coincidences in Creativity.
Trees in rain.
2021.03.30 – Spring Song Revisited.
Abstract line drawing with hand written letters.
2021.03.13 – Copycat Strat: Is Imitation Flattery?
Illustration of a cow.
2021.01.13 – Planet of the Brave
A bird feather.
2020.12.30 – New Moon in Virgo
A dead bird on the sand.
2020.06.23 – Sky Is Ours.
Artworks in a studio.
2020.04.29 – Cocoon.
A small pouch by the sunset sea.
2020.03.11 – Where Humanity Meets Divine.
Winter Ocean Waves with a Leaf overlay.
2020.02.10 – True Visions
Sea shore with a chair.
2020.02.05 – Lonely Place to Be.
A Walk on the Beach.
2019.12.31 – Trinity.
A flat sea shell on a leaf.
2019.07.28 – Uno Suprema
A journal and a dried flower with ocean underlay.
2019.01.09 – 2019: Blank Pages Ahead.
A Fishing Cormorant in cage.
2018.12.23 – What broken wings?
A Fishing Cormorant with Sun Flower.
2018.11.30 – Individuation is a bitch!! – a postscript.
A Japanese Fishing Cormorant.
2018.09.10 – Red to believe.
Flowers and art photo prints.
2018.07.14 – Summer Sentiments
Art works in studio.
2019.06.09 – Monochrome Diary, June 2018.
A wave at sun down.
2018.01.02 – New Year’s Tide
A curved mirror self portrait.
2017.12.31 – FAQ: What took you so long?
Beach with a large rock and a tourist.
2017.12.12 – #CaliforniaStrong
Wild swan at sunset.
2017.12.05 – Let the Wild Be the Wild.
A coffee cup placed at water front.
2017.11.11 – Sea Sip Solo
A photographer’s reflection on water.
2017.08.31 – Monochrome Diary, August 2017.
A wood carving and natural objects.
2017.03.31 – Abstraction in Nature, a Tribute.
Art work and sea shells.
2017.01.07 – 2017: New Year’s Greetings.
A blank journal page.
2016.12.28 – Seen. Unseen.
A small sculpted wood.
2016.12.20 – Zine One (Revisited)
Sea gulls over water surface.
2016.11.28 – Dried persimmons from Sado Island made me think of.
Red spiderlilies and a black butterfly.
2016.09.30 – Honey indeed.
Oxalis flower detail.
2016.06.30 – Monochrome Diary, June 2016
A coffee cup with sugar.
2016.04.29 – Yokohama Monologue
Magnolia blossom over ocean.
2016.03.11 – (there are) things between black and white.
Ocean waves in blur.
2015.12.26 – Almost Transcendent Blue – the year in review
A gardenia blossom.
2015.08.12 – Grain Haiku
A forming wave in morning light.
2015.02.01 – Hear/I am.
A hand crafted purse with waves.
2015.01.28 – Sado Island Purse, revisited.
Zoo male pheasant bird.
2014.12.27 – Inspired Moments, 2014.
Christmas illuminations.
2014.12.24 – Illuminated Shadows
Pheasant feathers.
2013.12.23 – Shades of Holidays 2013
A grasshopper on spider lily buds.
2013.10.04 – Lily Overload (and a few images from random Autumn scenes).
Sea surface at sunset.
2013.08.23 – To West and Back
Sea shore at sun rise.
2013.07.08 – I recommend Dawn.
A dead gull on the shore.
2013.04.14 – Seagull, you fly.
A temple wood carving.
2013.03.04 – Japan is…
Lake water surface with ripples.
2013.01.20 – So Still
Automobile rear window at sun rise.
2013.01.08 – 2013: Make It Great
a wood sculpture held in a palm.
2012.11.03 – The Best Thought I’ve Ever Thought
Dog friend portrait.
2012.09.27 – I Remember Everything That Made Her Special.
Tail lights in blur at sunset.
2012.06.08 – Miss California
A dog at a sunset sea shore.
2012.05.21 – Sophia, Supernaturale.
A surfer on a wave.
2012.01.13 – California
Calm sea water surface.
2011.11.28 – Noto Black
A walk on the beach with a canine friend.
2009.08.09 – Circa 2000 (A Slice of Heaven)
Self portrait on a convex mirror.
2008.07.25 – Self Reflection 1986
Reflection of a woman in camera in a mirror.
2006.10.13 – Where Angels Dare to Tread