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Video Journal, May 07, 2017.

This video contains flickering / flashing lights.
(Sunlight beaming through leaves / blurred traffic lights blinking in distance.)

Today’s discovery: fishing boat is an experimental composer! Play the full range if possible.
Tascam-ed this evening as I sent it off to the moon-lit Pacific.
Task at hand: Spider Lily Red – Flare (One). Visual snippets are from late March to mid April, recorded easy breezy as the cherry blossoms came and went.

Seen. Unseen.

The year in review, 2016.

Cherry blossom with a leaf.
A hand painted dress in progress.
Magnolia blossoms.

Oceanic Horizons prints.
Artist at work.
Art studio with tiny blossoms.

Salvia Guaranitica buds detail.
Ocean wave and a swimmer.
Spanish Bluebells blossom detail.

Art works in studio.
A painter's hand and a painting.
A blank journal page.

Leave the last page blank; leave it to interpretations.

Dye test in April.

Cherry Blossoms by the river at sunset.
Art works in studio.
An abstract art in process.

Been conducting a little dye test between visits to local cherry trees at sundown. Also, spotted a few swallows swishing through the hazy late pm light today, the very first of 2016.

So Still

I discovered, not too far from my home, a place that emits extreme silence.

Winter mountain with dry branches.
Lake water surface with ripples.

Mid winter cherries. Gathering spring in the color pink right beneath.

Dry branches and moon.