Copyright Policy

Line drawing of a petal with artist's hand at work.

Contents of this site, unless otherwise specified, are copyrighted creations of Yuko Nagai (“the artist”, hereinafter).

Notifying the artist is not required to download images for your personal use (e.g. wallpaper for your device).

Sharing: …is a new form of compliment, is the artist’s understanding. Just please be sure to clearly credit with the artist’s name and a link back to this site. Non-commercial only.

Don’t reprint (nor closely rephrase) texts on this site as your own. Quote with a credit, notify the artist, make her day brighter.

If you’d like to modify or commercially use any of the artist’s contents (including the cases they are used in derivative works, e.g. as part of a collage piece) posted on this website or elsewhere on the internet, contact the artist first. Let’s work something out and create a win-win situation.

Most importantly:
the artist appreciates your visiting her site, and wishes you a pleasant little break browsing through these pages.

If you have questions, feel free to contact the artist at She’s friendly.