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What broken wings?

The year in review.

A water bird on sea shore.

November 19, 2018.

On a walk back from an institutional concrete structure known as a big hospital, I noticed a path through withering weeds, barely beaten, consisting of short uneven steps and pebbly unpaved soil. I turned with my whole torso due to recent neck injury, feeling newly discouraged but still curious, to examine the difficulty level of passing through it.

Full Moon with a gull.
A chair on sunset shore.
A Fishing Cormorant in cage.

Being the type to always try a new route, I’d made no exception and carefully taken steps. Immediately I noticed, on dried spikes of stickers a dragonfly, ornamented like a fine art installation waiting to be photographed.

Find!! I thought, with a surge of excitement that I wasn’t as forsaken by luck after all. Carefully I lowered my trunk solely with leg muscles and looked down only with my eye balls, and snapped off the stem in length enough for one of my glass bottles. Just as I started to plan on camera angles however, a surprise slight movement tickled my hand.

The insect, with three out of her four wings got spikes the size of her torso ripping through them, was moving her legs, as if to oppose to my photographic agenda taking place in my head.

No idea how long she had been that way, how had she kept her hope, is she a master of law of attraction, what are the odds of having someone like me, always on a look out for a ‘find’ like her, on foot moving slow, taking a notice of a barely noticeable path, and her predicament?

Out of sheer respect for this chance encounter I, at once, dropped my agenda and gotten to work tackling to break her free with minimum damage to her delicate wings.

As I removed the spikes one by one, she shook her wings off of them, the movement so full of life it was hard to believe she preserved her zeal for however long it took to manifest me.
Turned out one of her wings was more than half gone, another one badly ripped, and my heart sunk, recalling my own, one too many encounters with impossibilities of life. It was a warm day with not even a breeze, and the midday sun encompassed the two of us in a freeze-framed moment, as she rested on my knuckles, freed, facing me. Then with a sudden stamp of her tiny feet and the startling hum of her wings she flew away, leaving the power of her takeoff imprinted on back of my hand, into the field full of silver grasses and their sparkles, as if nothing’s lost, as if to state the most absolutely apparent:

“Broken wings? What broken wings!!”

Leaves in morning light.
Sea shore in morning light.

Neck is nearly healed at the time of this writing (late Dec ’18). I hurt my neck editing photos – stationary for too long in bad “chin forward” posture, pinch nerve, very painful. Forced me on foot for over a month, which, as you can tell, turned out to be quite fruitful.

All photos are from 2018. Bottom two taken during the first sunrise of the year. They are at the bottom because, like waves the dawn always returns, anew, each day.

Process in Pictures: Wing Dress – Velocity (2009 – 2011)

Originally posted on Cargo Collective circa June 2011.
Piece: Wing Dress – Velocity (2009-2011), acid dye on silk.

Misty shore with a wave.
Wing dress pencil drawing.
Wing dress pencil drawing.
Sunset shore with a wave.
Sea surface.
Wing painted on silk.
Night sea surface.
Wing painted on a dress.
Wing painted on a dress.
Still sea surface.
Flying gull over sea surface.
A hand painted dress on dune.

Process in Pictures: Wing Dress (2007 – 2009)

Originally posted on Cargo Collective circa June 2011.
Piece: Wing Dress (2007-2009), acid dye on silk.

Dead gull on the beach.
Wing pencil drawing.
Wing painting on silk.
Wounded gull on the beach.
Tracing wing drawing.
Treating dyed wing.
Assembling dyed silk dress.
The sun in hazy sky.
Dyed silk dress by the shore.
Dyed silk dress by the sea.
Misty sea with a wave.

Shades of Holidays 2013

Christmas decorations in London.
Pheasant feathers.
Pheasant feathers.
Pheasant feathers.

On my way to apple store, London UK somewhere, fully lit and ready for Holidays (top), and macro shots of vintage pheasant, preserved perfectly, a gift given to me earlier this year (thank you).
Best Wishes for the last bit of 2013 and beyond.

Wing Dress – Velocity

A hand painted dress at the shore.
A hand painted dress on the beach.
A hand painted dress on the beach.
A wing painting on a dress.
A wing painting on a dress.
A wing painting on a dress.
A wing painting on silk.
A wing painting on silk.
A wing painting on silk.

Wing Dress – Velocity (2009-2011), acid dye on silk.
Feathers are placed to assimilate the sense of speed I emphasize with swallows in flight, as they glide by me slashing the air.


A hand painted dress on the beach.

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