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Creative Process, September 2005.

A dog fight analogy.

Which beast wins?
The one you feed will.

Creative Process Triptych.

Making the invisible, visible. Kawasaki, Japan.
Both the drawing and the prototype are Aqua Dragon Dress 2 in its early formation.

Process in Pictures: Indigo Dragon Top (2006)

Originally posted on Cargo Collective circa June 2011.
Piece: Indigo Dragon Top (2006), acid dye on silk.

Sea shore at night.
Dragon wood carving.
Dragon pencil drawing.
Dragon painting on silk.
Sea surface at night.
Dragon painting on silk blouse.
Dragon silk blouse on the beach.
Sea at night.

Exquisite Dra.

A carved wood dragon.
Wooden Dragon Carving, a shrine, Japan.
A carved wood dragon.

Photographed circa 1998, with a film SLR camera, at a neighborhood shrine in Kawasaki, Japan. These carvings became one of the main inspirations for my dyed dragon series.