Night sea surface.

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Dye stencil, Japanese traditional, sea creature motif.

Note on February 01, 2023:

Photo of the water surface is from circa 2009, in the other photo is a dye stencil traditionally crafted, designed from sea anemone, the first one I made back in very early 2000’s.
I picked these pictures while focused mostly on my internal “click”, vaguely thinking it’d be cool to sandwich the input form with pictures. Do you see*, the movement of the sea anemone design is replicated on the sea surface. In fact, the other way around – the movement passed on in the order of, the sea, sea anemone, my design.
When I drew the anemone, I was living very far from ocean, and I imagined how those sea creatures would move under water.
I’ve found, time and again, there seems to be a Creative Intent of sort, streaming through my little artsy activities, ignoring conventional-in-society timeline, commanding me through my hunch the next right thing it wants to express.
I feel used, and it is delightful.**

(I was gonna write about cookies and look what I end up blurting out!! That’s coming though, very soon. Til then, please be noted: I do my best to keep your data and your visit safe.)

*More visible on smaller screens / from distance.
**Not to brag/boast/flaunt, but to, if you haven’t already, tempt. More coming this year regarding.