Accessibility Statement

Line drawing, an artist's hand layered with a flock of swans.

We Are All Minorities.

And we all come with particular requirements.

I, Yuko Nagai, the webmaster of this website which is built around one’s Creative Expressions, intend to work towards making this website as inclusive and accessible to as many people, undoubtedly with various individual needs, including, but not limited to, those with what are deemed by this society as disabilities.

Measures Taken So Far.

Modified site elements as follows.

– Text Colors – darkened all the texts to increase the color contrast against the white background.
– Image Alt Texts – edited / added Alt tags in all the images’ HTML code for better screen reader user experience.
– Text Spacing – for the purpose of readability for all, increased spaces between lines.
– Over All – re-designed a number of site elements for better usability for all visitors.
– Flicker Alert – added alerts in larger text above videos that contain flickering/flashing/blinking lights and other elements that may be harmful to those with certain conditions such as photosensitive epilepsy.
– Translation App – added on majority of pages / entries a translation widget to cater to a global audience.

Next Up.

– Links – both in navigations and texts, assess if discernible enough for both when conventionally viewed and with a screen reader. Also, to see if links in texts / posts are descriptive enough for a screen reader users.

Conformance and Assessment.

“The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) defines requirements for designers and developers to improve accessibility for people with disabilities in three levels of conformance: Level A, AA, and AAA.” – W3C Web Accessibility Initiative

At the time of this writing, this website’s conformance level is not assessed by WCAG standard.
The webmaster assessed it herself as “In Progress”, and will stay that way for a while.


Balancing of Inclusivity / Accessibility and Creative Expression / Originality is a complex and delicate one.

For this is a personal, rather small art website however (and not one for public sector, for instance), one could argue that the said balance may shift a little further away from absolute rigidity. That being said,

from the beginning in 2006, my focus has been to make this little place on the web open to wider range of people – as opposed to art crowd / tech types – and to design it intuitive and easy to navigate. Increasing accessibility / inclusivity I think of, as an extension of this original aim of mine.

In other words. I maintain, have been, this site with audience in mind – which is the opposite of what I do with my art.

That being so, attaining objectivity can be challenging at times. For that reason especially, I welcome your feedback, but please do understand, I may not always be able to fulfill your request.


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Alternately, you may use the comment function below.

I try to respond to feedback within 5 business days.

Last Updated:

September 14, 2021.

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