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Art is a Process, Revisited.

Dress with a dyed wing creative process.

i would like it some day, somehow i become a master like this artist
flow in the jizou moment and leave behind me
a little something someone can sit by
and know that everything’s cool, if only for a little while.

– “it must be (love).” October 10, 2011, written about these masterpiece jizous.

Artist at work on a drawing.
A wing drawn on a dress.
Layered photos of a textile art piece.
Feathers drawn on silk.

All photos from a blog “art is a process” (on blogger/blogspot, 2007-2012).

How time flies.

I published the first post on May 10, 2007. It was titled “in the beginning there are scribbles.” It was about a new project “Wing Dress”, the idea conceived while on the train, April 27, 2007, according to the post.

This was, apart from a few posts I shared on Myspace earlier in the decade, my very first blogging experiment. Started out writing about anything that caught my attention along with how the Wing Dress project was growing in detail, a bit like a kid reporting to mom about her exciting new discoveries.

Excerpt is from one of my later posts, my personal favorite I wrote about the neighborhood Jizous that are carved so simply yet masterfully, the carver/artist “must have been in his Jizou moment when he did it”.

(Simple is hard. Nowhere to hide. What’s in you spills out whether you like it or not.)

I learned with each post, to write with audience in mind, share candidly but also selectively, as in, tap into what wants to be spoken and flow with it (i.e. in “Jizou moment”), knowing I will never know what exactly I did, if I got it right.
It is from me but not about me, which is a practice easier said but I aspire, to this day, every step of the way.

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