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Where Humanity Meets Divine.

Assigning the symbol a new meaning* – A Cross Pouch (2015, retouched in 2020), vintage kimono and rubber. Inquire for custom works like this one.
Special thanks to Narcissuses.

*Wiki: A cross is a geometrical figure consisting of two intersecting lines or bars, usually perpendicular to each other.
 Me: is a figure symbolizing a spark of Inspiration striking through the human realm; at its crossing point is in the continuous ’now’ where everything is vibrant.

A vintage fabric purse.

Originally posted under the category “Vision Board”, moved to “Journal-Diary” on February 12, 2024.

Before the Summer comes…

Spring wrap up.

A drawing in progress.
Clematis Petals on a computer.
Clematis petals close up.
Hand painted tote bag.

me: You kidding.
flower: No, really. This is the look I’m after.

Saxifraga stolonifera blossom close up.

From Top:
Clunky patchy job extending the drawing, of a spider lily petal. For my “Spider Lily Red” series.
Clematis, one of the many crazy-blooming in the yard right about now.
Drying petals and stamens of Clematis, in macro.
“Dada Tote” that I’ve been working on.
Many ways to blossom. I would have never known how this tiny thing looks had I not macro-ed it this afternoon.

Sado Island Purse, revisited.

A hand crafted purse with waves.

Photographed and uploaded to Flickr on January 28, 2015, revised edit made on February 14, 2021.
The purse itself was created circa 2004, out of vintage futon fabric I found during my visit to the island in early August 2003. The peak season with very few tourists, I was often alone, the only car on the road.

The place has a unique history as an island of exile, “…was a place of banishment for those who had fallen out of favor with the rulers of the day. More than 70 people—notably aristocrats and artists—were exiled here” (within “” from Smithsonian magazine).

Strange, felt like home there. I wrote a bit about my visit on: Dried persimmons from Sado Island made me think of.

Published on February 14, last edited on February 15, 2021.