Sophia, Supernaturale.

Name: Sofi
Time served as a dog: 15.5yrs
Characteristics: Smart, Sexy, Funny.
Communication Style: Paranormal
Tag Line: Too Cool to Bark.

A dog at a sunset sea shore.

Most significant among many things she had taught me during her lifetime would be this: the “supernatural” is in fact the natural, is not to be feared. Nor could be avoided. Not with her anyways. Through invading my head reading my thoughts and intentions – which explains the occasional clouding of her mood – and responding to me in actions even I, the un-evolved, could understand. I was merely transparent, my psychological boundaries were continuously crossed, and most surprisingly, I felt safe, supported even, in this strange style of relating.

Although she was generally a good sport, impressive given the circumstance of being tied to the likes of me, I have reasons to believe she was feeling rather confined in a tidy canine package, haunted by never ceasing hunger for edibles, especially those that goes into my mouth. So when finally the time to leave arrived, it must have come as a long-awaited relief, though, thanks to her, I am no longer sure what the death really means. In any case, upon her departure, she left the door to the world of supernaturals wide open. Hey, shut the door behind you, dog! “Thought you could use a little ventilation~~”. The disciple now hears inaudible giggles of the former dog master stretching out in the Limitless Ether.
– Yuko, dining in peace nowadays.

Originally posted on my previous “photo Journal” diary, edited on October 7, 2013.

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