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Creative Self Exploration – Part Three: Your Creative Flow


Welcome to Part Three of the year-long experiment “Creative Self Exploration”.
For the next several weeks, we will be painting/drawing an abstract art piece. I will primarily be writing for non-painters. Of course though, all the other folks are equally welcome.

“Abstract art” can mean a plenty of different things, but here, I am going to ask you to translate what you discovered about yourself in Part Two into simple shapes/colors/textures.

This is not a test. There is no right or wrong. No one is coming to rate you, nor grade your work. You’ve got nothing to measure up to.
Because, what we are about to embark upon here, is a dialogue between you and you. It’s personal, it is sacred, the process of which can be quite delicate. For this reason I strongly recommend that you keep your art piece while in progress, private, as in, not sharing it on social media, or otherwise involve people in your life, if possible, as we ultimately explore our…

In Creativity, You Are Inherently Free.

Let’s dive in!!

What’s this about? INTRODUCTION
Just found this out? I recommend you either start from PART ONE…..
Or, if it is currently going on (unfolding) and want to join in “live”, I recommend you work on Part 2 and 3 together, e.g. Week 10 from Part Two first then Week 16.

( in reverse chronological order )

Week 18: Picture it, Your Own Truth.

May 04, 2024

Hello again, it is a pleasure to welcome you (back) here, as the Part Three wraps up this week.
If you have given this a try through last five weeks, you now have a drawing/painting – your work, let’s call it hereafter – with 5 shapes on it, a picture that is a reflection, a representation of you, an aspect of who you are as of late.

Please take out your work, place it in front of you, and let’s introspect, a journey to your internal world, and let’s make it fun and imaginative.

Carve out a time you can have you all to yourself.
Relaxedly observe your thoughts and feelings arising as you behold your work in front of you.
What is the word that best describe your work?
If you choose to show it to one person, who would that be, and how do you think the person would respond?
If you decide not to show it to no one, how do you feel about that?
Now, imagine yourself bringing the work of yours to the party we held in Week 12. What are your guests’ responses?
If you are to decorate your Hakoniwa from Part 1 with it, how would you like to, where do you place it?

Please make sure, you will be alone and undisturbed for a while (unless you really cannot).
Can you be accepting of all your responses, nice and not so much?
If you come up with multiple words to describe your work, choose the one that feels the strongest, got most emotion(s) to it.
And the one person bit; how do you feel about that scenario, how does it make you feel?
What about keeping it to yourself bit? Do you think you are being selfish? Shy? Secretive or smart?

Okay, these questions may not be much fun. Admittedly. Introspection isn’t always easy breezy.
But they give you so very valuable insights into your internal sanctuary. More on this later.

How about this, the guests at your Week 12 Hakoniwa party, do you think they will like your depiction of them?

Lastly, the decorating bit.
Imagine. Frame it with driftwood? Barn wood? Hire a pro or do it yourself?
What about printing it on a wall paper, or turn it into a stained grass ceiling?
If you used a monotoned tool like graphite pencil, it would make a perfectly chic interior textile.
Do you see where I’m going?

Imagine, please go ahead, and set yourself free in your imagination.

If you print it on a tee shirt and go out into the real (versus imagined) world, you’d be literally standing in your own truth, even if you don’t say a word to no one about who did the picture. Just a fun experiment suggestion when/if.

Lastly, one more idea to conclude with:

Your Internal World is a Sanctuary that cradles Your Soul
which speaks a Universal Language called Creativity.

Hope you like, or (grow to) love, what you did, your work, your masterpiece #1.

Next week, we are going to venture into Part 4. We will be continuing with the imagine-draw theme.
Please prepare 5 sheets of paper and a pencil, colored or graphite, or a crayon. There’s a reason for this specific request, which I will explain in coming weeks.

See you then!!

Week 17: Radio Freedom; Tune In.

April 27, 2024

Hello, and welcome (back) to this here, a year-long project-exercise-experiment I, a self-taught artist who reclaimed her creative prowess* in adulthood, conduct, following (nearly) solely her hunch/intuition/inspiration.
All for the reason of sharing with you, the delight of delving into self as the one and only treasure chest, and the power of Creativity felt abundantly in the process.

+Prowess synonyms: boldness, dauntlessness –
…as in, massive decrease in self doubt – me.

This week, we are completing the art work we’ve been working on for the last 4 weeks.
So please, get your masterpiece in the making out on a workable surface along with the painting/drawing tool(s) of your choice.

Now, shall we refer back to what we did in Week 11 from Part Two. We looked into the way we feel about our hair along with the metaphor of our mane being an antenna.
I would like to focus on the antenna part, which, in this exercise, receives and transmits the signals.

Set aside a little time and space where you can unwind for a while.
Review your answers to the Week 11’s “antenna” questions.
Visualize your signals, both coming in and going out, in colors, textures, shades.
Pick one color/texture that feels most significant, and when ready, draw/paint on your picture a shape best represents what you visualized, using the color/texture you chose.
Carefully listen into yourself for a sense that your work is done, follow the sense and set the work down.

As has been, if you are using a monotone drawing tool like a graphite pencil, you use texture to express what you envisioned.
I had gone into details last week about this process, it is a quick read so please scroll down (until you see “Example.”) and check it out.

Please allow “signals” in this context to be more imaginative than realistic; they can be blazing out of you while landing on your head like a soft cloud coming in. They can be turbulent, enticing, encompassing or piercing. Since we are not starting a radio station with this exercise, I ask you to be as “unrealistic” as needed. I recommend you do this until you feel the sense of, could be subtle/gentle, excitement, of being juiced up**. I say this because…..

**This may not happen if you are new to this line of practice. Not right away. Everyone has access to this, seems to happen in one’s own timing.

Creativity is the Essence of Life, that makes a Silver Lining Sparkle and Shine.

We now completed our first picture. My sincere CONGRATS!!! to you, thank you so much for giving this a try.
Next week we will celebrate, so be sure to return for more quality fun – til then!

Week 16: Colors of Your Existence

April 20, 2024

Hi Visitor, good to have you (back) here.
Let’s jump right in.

I’ve asked a lot of questions in Week 10, the corresponding week to this week’s exercise, about your skin as a boundary that encases you.

I would like you to return to your answers from the week, and contemplate on the following:

Imagine yourself seeing you from distance, far enough to give you an objective view of yourself.

Remembering your answers from Week 10, ask yourself:
if you are to translate your perception of your skin into colors, shades, and textures, what do you look like to you?

If you see multiple colors, etc. choose the ones that give you the strongest impression, and
 draw/paint in that color/shade/texture, a shape that best represents the impression you got from your existence.

Mind you, this is about your impression of yourself, and not your actual skin color or physical shape.


If a person in actuality is considered yellow who may want to lose a few pounds.
(That’s me btw ;)

The person, in this exercise, sees herself in a fluffy cloud-like (texture) white (color) with a slight grey tint (shade) around her throat, her heart in polished (texture) sweet (shade) pale pink (color) and her toes in metallic (texture) blue-ish (shade) slate grey (color).
Strongest impression she got was the pink, and to herself she appeared like a cotton candy (shape) , so she drew on her paper a pink uneven round shape with fuzzy contour using acrylic paint applied with an actual cotton wad.

If you chose a single tone tool like a graphite pencil, you’d be seeing you in variations of textures and shades.
For instance, feather-soft/slight “shading” application for your throat color, also soft but drawn with a bit more pressure to get the graphite-sheen on chest, strong/hard zigzag on toes…and overall shape you can draw in circling lines to make it look cotton candy-like.

It doesn’t have to be this detailed so if you feel overwhelmed reading this, please don’t.
I went an extra mile describing, trying to give you better ideas.

This week’s would be the 4th shape on your emerging art work. Place the shape of the week on your paper where you feel most drawn to.
You may choose to let it overlap with the other shapes, make it the biggest one or in a size of an ant, and so on. It is up to you.

Please keep in mind that, what is coming together is a depiction of your truth.

Give in to Your Truth and you’ll soon find you have gained a life-long Friend.

We will draw one more shape next week, then the next next week we will celebrate in ways imaginative and fun.
As always, I beg you to revere your emerging picture.

Have a good one and be back in a week!!

Week 15: Scent Journey Inward

April 13, 2024

Welcome back Dear Visitor!!

It’s been a pleasure to welcome you (back) to this year-long experiment/exercise where I follow my creative hunch and let this whole thing unfold. I am getting inspirations for up to Part 5, and am excited to share them with you in near future.

If you just found this and would like to give this a try “live” – as this project unfolds, I recommend you work on Part Two and Three together, example, for this week, Week 9 then the current Week 15.

This week, we are going to use what we found in Week 9 and paint/draw on our emerging masterpiece.
Back in Week 9, we explored our sense of smell, what recollections surface within you.

Firstly, please bring out your paper you’ve been drawing on for last 2 weeks, and tools (e.g. pencils, pastels, paints, crayons….) of your choice.
If possible, find a spacious/stable/even enough surface where your elbows (if you are using your hands) can freely move about. If not enough room, no worries, just find a large enough space and make do.

Let me remind you this; limitations like that won’t limit your Creative Flow.
Easier with space, especially if you haven’t done something like this before, but not a must.
In fact, finding your way despite can be another opportunity for Creativity to aid you, and one more reason for you to be proud of yourself.

Let’s move forward:

Settle in a comfortable (enough) position / place, and reflect on what you discovered about yourself in Week 9.
Pick one scent memory that is most compelling to you, and allow yourself to feel into the memory.
Think of 3 colors (if using monotone tools, 3 textures) that best represent the following:
a color of your scent, of your memory, and of your emotions/feelings associated with them.
Choose one out of the 3, and when ready, draw/paint a shape you feel is right, on where on paper you are drawn to, with the color of your choice.

I intend to keep each week’s entry short enough. I shared some tips in previous 2 weeks about this drawing/painting experiment, so please do have a look, if you haven’t already.

When you feel you are done, trust the feeling and set the artwork down for now.
And pretty please, take time to marvel at your picture, coming together.
I say this as I remember another special friend of mine who once remarked, “the longest journey is the one you take, from your head to your heart.”
Allow me to humbly add:

The Most Beautiful Journey is the one you take Inward.

Bon Voyage, and see you in a week!!

Week 14: Listening to Your Visions

April 06, 2024

Hello again, how was your week?

This week, we are turning our ears’ experience into a picture.

We are going to picturize the sound. Let’s refer back to Week 8.
If you are just joining me and wish to come along live (as this exercise unfolds), work on Week 8 first then come back to this week’s experiment/exercise.

First, take out the sheet of paper you drew/painted on last week, and the drawing/painting tool(s) – pen/paint/crayon, etc.- of your choice.

Just as we did last week….

Find time and place where you can relax and focus for a while.
Pick one memory/recollection from what you discovered about yourself in Week 8.
Go into the experience, re-live the memorable moment(s). Savor what makes it so special.
In your mind, remember it in colors. Then in textures, shapes. Make it vivid.

When ready, pick one tool, choose a position within the sheet and draw/paint a shape you just envisioned, with your choice of color/texture – as if to place your ear-memory onto the paper.

Can you turn what is so special about the memory you picked into a color? If using a single-tone tool like graphite pencil, texture? In other words….
If you choose one color/texture that best represent your memory, which one would that be, how does it look?
If color, is it pale or dark, if texture, fluffy or jagged?
What the shape would be, a circle, a rectangle, warped, elongated, squared? Zig-zagged , wave formed or more like a cloud? How big within the paper, where in relation to the last week’s shape?
Do you want to fill the shape with the color/texture, or would rather leave some of it un-filled?

Memory you pick does not have to be a “happy” one, to make this exercise positive.
Recalling a special friend of mine who once told me “life comes in all 31 flavors.” …

Embrace all flavors until every one of them becomes Beautiful.

So yes, pick the memory that feels right. Even if doing so feels uncomfortable, no worries.
The very act of turning to Creativity transcends the experience; the Ultimate Positivity embedded in it.
The very act itself is a form of Embrace.

Now, “re-living the experience” may not be too appealing if your choice of memory is particularly, for instance, sorrowful.
I am not suggesting extended suffering.
What is suggested here is to bring the emotions/feelings, etc. forward in your consciousness, and imagine them in color-texture-shape and draw/paint, as if to move them from inside you onto the paper. May sound silly but I urge you to give it a try anyways.

Unless. as I stated in “Introduction/Disclaimer” – scroll down to “Few Important Notes”, remembering is too overwhelming.
If so, please discontinue and pick something easier.
Timing may not be right. You’ll know. Just please do not strain yourself.
This I learned myself through trials and trials:
Going gentle does not delay one’s progress. Straining oneself oft. does.

So now you got 2 shapes on 1 sheet of paper.
A parting wish for this week: please take a moment and be amused by your emerging picture.

Have a good one!!

Week 13: Step Into Your Blank Canvas

March 30, 2024

( I am going to write as if you have been with me since Part 1 throughout. If you have not / just joined me, etc., please go through each week from Part 2 along with Part 3 that is starting now. )

Let’s begin by referring back to Week 7: Your Feet.
But first, prepare your pen(s) / pencil(s) / paint(s)*, etc., and a piece of paper on a surface large enough to place them.
( I strongly suggest not using an eraser, and prepare just one sheet of paper. )
Please set aside enough time lest you not feel rushed.
Relax into what you found in your Week 7 exercise.

*I touched on this in Part Two’s “Important Notice” (at the top of the page): if you have one graphite pencil for instance, you can sharpen it to a needle point and fill the shape of your choice with thin, hard line scribble. Or, use the side of the pencil and fill your shape with soft fuzzy texture. If you chose paints in tubes, you can thin them with water and paint your shape with a brush, or apply thick paint with your hands.
Possibility is limitless even with limited tools / materials.

Pick one time / place your feet remember most strongly / strikingly.
Walk into the memory and live it as vividly as you can.
Hold the vision, the feel, the senses, as if you are right there, feeling it.
And ask yourself:
if your memory has the color / texture / shape, what would that be?
And where on the paper would you place it, how big is the shape?

When ready, draw / paint your shape on your paper where it feels right.

Please remember: you cannot do this wrong, even if you tried your damnedest.

When you ask yourself, please become silent enough, patient enough and eager enough, to listen to any hint of inspiration** arising inside you. An inspiration to pick a particular pen instead of a brush, for instance, could be a mere whisper. It may not make sense, a part of you may wage a war against it.

**Needless to say, but on internet, playing it safe is golden: what is suggested here is giving into inspiration that is life-affirming and not those that are harmful / destructive to self and/or others.

If you can hear resistant thoughts inside your mind, please write them down for future reference.
Another benefit of doing so is that more often than not, by simply writing them down on paper that is external to you, helps you create a distance from their influence.

Alternately. If you cannot harness your resistant thoughts/feelings enough, example, this whole thing makes you angry and that’s all you feel, then, you can instead find a color-shape-texture of your anger and paint/draw it on your paper. In other words,
what I am really saying is this:

Who You Are Now Is Always Perfect for Creativity to Flow Through.

I wish you’ll have a fun time.
Sincerely, and see you in a week!!

Flower Journal 2024

This is a progressive post: I will post floral portraits throughout the year.
Photos, unless otherwise noted, are shot in Pacific Northern Kanto Plane, Central Japan (JST). They are published the moment the picture and text became ready.

Wild lilies of summer time Japan.
Yabu Kanzou / Hemerocallis fulvaWild flower. Medicinal (leaves) and edible (buds). Blooming slightly earlier than usual it seems, but what do I know. Photographed: 2024.07.01 15:17:39 Edited 07.05 Published 2024.07.05 at 19:17

Hydrangea blossom.
Hydrangea “Dance Party” variantAs of June 30, still in the season of Hydrangea blossoms, which usually ends as the hottest part of summer arrives in a few weeks. Photographed: 2024.06.13 17:23:22 Edited 06.30 Published 2024.07.01 at 00:00

Honeysuckle blossoms.
Japanese Honeysuckle / Suikazura / Lonicera japonicaYou can actually suck the nectar, as the name suggests. Sweetly scented. Photographed: 2024.05.25 15:14:49 Edited 06.02 Published 2024.06.02 at 18:28

White hydrangea with pink trim at edge of petals blooming on pavement, Tokyo.
Blue hydrangea blooming at store front, Tokyo.
Hydrangea (variations)Both photographed in Tokyo, JPN, f. top in Yanaka district and between Hongou-Ocyanomizu. Surprised, noticed first time in my life how many hydrangeas planted on small patches of soil on pavements (bottom photo) / in planters at store fronts (top) and people’s homes. If you are planning a visit to Tokyo and want to have a nice walk through the city, I recommend the area of Yanaka – Sendagi – Hongou – Suidoubashi. First two, vintage Tokyo, the first a bit touristy but not rip-offish. Latter two areas host many schools, Unis and vocational colleges alike, resulting in lots of eateries, many competitive in both quality and affordability. Also notably, books (used/specialty) musical instruments and sports gears in nearby Ochanomizu / Ogawa Chou. Recommendations from a long-time Tokyoite you didn’t ask for. Photographed 05.29 at (f. top) 15:05:06 & 17:50:47 Edited 05.30 Published 2024.05.31 at 15:17

Daisies at the end of blooming season.
Daisy / Bellis perennis (end of season)Will miss. Photographed: 2024.05.14 17:51:18 Edited 05.15 & 05.30 Published 2024.05.30 at 20:23

Small pink wild flower of early summer Japan.
Hime Fuuro / Geranium robertianumThriving, growing out of a crack in concrete soil retainer, captured in pretty early summer sunset. Photographed: 2024.05.14 17:42:59 Edited 05.14 Published 2024.05.15 at 19:52

Muscari blossoms with a Violet in a grass jar by window.
Muscari / Muscari botryoides (with Violet)Muscari, blooming with its stem twisted reaching for the sun, with a violet, both rescued from gardening accidents caused by a clumsy human.Hazy pink pom poms outside are cherry blossoms in full bloom – appeared here twice (Apr11&May07). Photographed: 2024.04.14 17:39:04 Edited 05.13 Published 2024.05.13 at 18:16

Wild flowers of spring in Japan.
Hoshi No Hitomi (Starry Eyes) / Veronica persicaMost commonly called “Ooinu no fuguri” meaning, large dog’s scrotum, successfully insulting both the dogs and the flower in one go. “Starry Eyes” is the alternate name much less common, Heaven alone knows why. In the photo, the blue flower is surrounded by Hime Odoriko Sou (Little Dancing Belle – “Hime”, the word “princess”, is frequently used to describe “small/little”-ness of flowers). The Starry’s flower is smaller than my pinky nail. The first blossoms spotted on 03.14, now in mid May, they are slowly fading from the scene. English names for both (Starry and Dancing) are my translations. Photographed: 2024.03.22 16:09:08 Edited 05/09 Published 2024.05.10 at 20:10

Spanish Bluebell blossoms.
Spanish Bluebell / Tsurigane Suisen / Hyacinthoides hispanicaFlowering season just passed. Photographed: 2024.04.29 14:24:11 Edited 05/09 Published 2024.05.09 at 20:24

A purple daisy flower in rain.
Miyako Wasure / Aster SavatieriThe name “Miyako Wasure” is said to have come from the story of exiled emperor Juntoku, who had seen the flower and its beauty made him forget (=”wasure”) the city/capital Kyoto (=”miyako”) he longed to return. The aristocrat died in the place of exile, Sado Island, Japan. Photographed: 2024.04.24 13:24:11 Edited also on 4/24 Published 2024.05.08

Last petals of cherry blossom tree in sunlight.
Sakura (Somei Yoshino)One of the last petals hanging on, just several of them. Now at the time of publishing this image, petals are all gone / tiny cherries are in formation. The tree, the same one in a pic published on April 11, has been a favorite hang out for warblers/Japanese Nightingales/Uguisu – three names for the songbird in macha green. Photographed: 2024.04.27 15:59:27 Edited 04.30 Published 2024.05.07

White Viola  blossom of Japan.
Viola verecundaPhotographed: 2024.05.03 16:43:34 Published 2024.05.03 at 18:41

Petals pf Violet blossom on a person's fingers.
Violet / Viola mandshuricaPhotographed: 2024.04.25 16:00:56 Published 2024.04.29 at 22:46

Harujion flowers and buds in Japanese field.
Haru jion / Erigeron philadelphicusCurrently in full bloom. Buds facing down as if already withered, but that’s where they begin; as they blossom the stems straighten and flower upward. Edible, according to Wiki. Photographed: 2024.04.21 17:38:48 Published 2024.04.24 at 14:40

A blossoming daisy in detail.
Daisy / Bellis perennis (blossoming)First spotted back in mid March, a few months earlier than usual. Photographed: 2024.04.11 14:48:35 Published 2024.04.22 at 19:21

Monochrome picture of an Iris blossom.
Iris TingitanaFull bloom as of late. Photographed: 2024.04.14 16:23:37 Edited 4.20, Published 2024.04.20 at 19:47

Laurel flowers in detail.
Gekkei Jyu / Laurel / Laurus nobilisScented/medicinal leaves and fruits. Currently in full bloom. Photographed: 2024.04.17 12:40:20 Edited & Published 2024.04.17

Wild Sakura blossoms in full bloom.
Yama Zakura / Cerasus jamasakura“Wild” variety of Sakura. “Zakura” means Sakura, Yama, “mountain”. Blooms together with leaves and flowers longer compared to more popular “Somei Yoshino” variety. Photographed in wild at sunset: 2024.04.14 17:55:35 Edited & Published 2024.04.16

Sakura blossoms in full bloom.
Sakura (Somei Yoshino)Currently full bloom in Pacific Northern Kanto. Pictured is the tree in my yard. If you are planning a cherry visit to Japan, let me recommend Tokyo. Not just well known viewing spots, but literally every street corner / neighborhood park has cherry trees blooming like they mean serious business. Collective energy – of trees and people – during the blooming season I find it to be enlivening. If timing is right, you get to see them fall, usually there is this one day when they – pink petals – fall hard, and the city becomes this ethereal theater, an unforgettable sight to behold. Photographed: 2024.04.11 15:32:54 Edited & Published 2024.04.11

Buds and leaves of a wild flower in spring, Japan.
Hotoke No Za (buds) / Lamium amplexicauleJapanese name literally means, Lotus seat of Hotoke/Buddha, named for the leaves’ likeness to the lotus leaf Buddha sits on. Full bloom as of late. Photographed: 2024.04.11 14:47:25 Edited & Published 2024.04.11

Trumpet daffodil blossoms.
Trumpet Daffodil / Rappa Suisen“Rappa” means trumpet in Japanese. Mediterranean origin. Photographed: 2024.04.08 15:55:08 Edited & published 2024.04.08.

Sakura blossom buds in detail.
Sakura / Cherry Blossoms (buds)The first blossoms spotted on 03.31 (Pacific Northern Kanto Plane). Photographed: 2024.04.02 15:25:19 Edited 2024.04.02, Published 2024.04.04.

Detail of a Camellia blossom fell on the ground.
Camellia (fell)Camellia has a distinctive method of decay: the whole flower drops, instead of petals falling one by one, resulting in the ground carpeted with rouge-fuschia flowerbeds. Photographed: 2024.04.02 14:59:55 Edited & Published 2024.04.03

Van Sion Daffodil blossom, detail.
Van Sion DaffodilPhotographed: 2024.03.31 17:19:22 Edited & Published 2024.03.31

Small spring blossom in Japanese country side.
Ko Hakobe / Stellaria mediaMedicinal. Photographed: 2024.03.22 15:58:03 Edited & Published 2024.03.29

Spring wildflowers of rural Japan.
Hisakaki / Eurya japonicaOriginally “Hime Sakaki”, corrupted into Hisakaki. “Hime”, princess, oft used in names as the “smaller version of”, e.g. smaller version of Sakaki. Scented savory/spicy. Photographed: 2024.03.25 14:46:55 Edited & Published 2024.03.28

Spring wildflowers in Japan.
Hime Odoriko Sou / Lamium purpureumLeaves are edible, high sugar content in nectar. Long side of the flower measures about a centimeter. Photographed: 2024.03.25 15:50:40 Edited & Published 2024.03.25

Pink small wild blossoms in spring time Japan.
Hime Tsuru Soba / Persicaria capitataPhotographed: 2024.03.25 16:00:52 Edited & Published 2024.03.25

Black and white portrait of a Ki Ichigo blossom.
Ki Ichigo /Momiji Ichigo /Rubus palmatusBerries are edible. The first blossoms spotted several days ago. Photographed: 2024.03.22 16:06:11 Edited & Published 2024.03.22

Black and white macro photo of Dandelion blossom.
DandelionThe first blossoms spotted on 03.14. Photographed: 2024.03.16 17:04:39 Edited & Published 2024.03.19

Spring small blossoms in Japan.
Hotoke No Za / Lamium amplexicaulePhotographed: 2024.03.14 16:22:58 Edited & Published 2024.03.14

Black and white macro photo of Narcissus blossoms in rain.
NarcissusScented. Photographed: 2024.03.12 11:43:13 Edited & Published 2024.03.12

Black and white macro photo of a hyacinth blossom in rain.
HyacinthScented. Photographed: 2024.03.12 at11:53:24 Edited & Published 2024.03.12

Black and white portrait of a camellia blossom.
Camellia.Photographed: 2024.02.10 at15:45:54 Edited & Published 2024.03.11

Black and white image of Japanese Apricot blossom.
Ume/Japanese Apricot.Scented. Photographed: 2024.02.10 at15:31:27 Edited & Published 2024.03.11