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Labour of Love

I draw Inspirations from The Art (aka “Creation / Nature” ), work to keep my reception clear (enough) so to bring into existence my interpretation of The Art, and, send them out to the world via this website.
Like a waltz; Receive-Create-Release.

I am an independent artist; I value freedom of expression.
I do all this simply because I cannot not to. I tried not to. That was very painful.

If you found me by chance, Welcome!! Everything here is offered free of charge (unless otherwise noted).
I am delighted to share what I do with you.

One thing though (please ignore if the following does not apply to you):
please do be respectful and not copy-paste my ideas and publicly call it your own (which happens a lot, unfortunately, and waters down my “market” as a result).

If you would like to support my work, there are few ways to do so.

Ways to Support


If you know someone who you think may like what I do, please let the person know that my work exists.

It is quite hard to be visible online as an independent artist nowadays, and visibility often results in the above-mentioned “copy-paste” syndrome. It would be a great way to support me/my work if you can spread the word to people in your circle, especially those with respectful orientation.

I did not install social share buttons (privacy/site speed concerns). Please use permalink (post URL) to share.


I set up an account at a service called “Buy me a coffee” as a virtual hat (or guitar case, tip jar….) so you can toss me a coin or two and take part in my creative endeavor.

This is an option for those of you wealthy ones with extra coins laying around.

Link to my profile:


Buy available stuff at my store.
That will get me skipping down the street without your knowledge.


…to my very chill newsletter.
From here.


I understand majority of us nowadays prefer hanging out inside mega social platforms but, if you feel like de-centralizing the internet a bit, wait, that’s what I feel like doing…

Kidding aside, it would be fun to convo on personal blogs like we used to in 2007.
If you feel like, chime in and comment.


Do you have any suggestions? Requests?
Not always easy to be objective. I do appreciate your input.

Contact me at
(I am frequently offline nowadays – painting!!! – so please allow me a few days to respond)

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