I recommend Dawn.

Sea shore at sun rise.

Summer dawn, what’s not to love. It’s here today, not to stay for long.

Wild summer flowers.

Up the hill, or down to the beach. Will drive empty streets. Watch the light sneak into the pre-dawn quiet.
I’m the sinister figure looking into your rice field, or up at the sky with my back facing the sun asleep right below the horizon.

What’s she doing out there, which planet is she from, she waiting for a ride back home, oh look, she’s talking, to her friends in the sky, or spirits of frogs ran over during the night…

Summer field at dawn.

In fact I’d be talking to myself, can I just not move for a moment or two, which ain’t audible to rural early risers, not until I laugh fairly loudly at my own sloth; I hate tripod.

Rice field at dawn.

All the images were shot in late June, 2013 – sometime around the solstice, by yours truly the staying upper, camera hand held.





4 thoughts on “I recommend Dawn.

  1. dear Yuko

    i obviously missed a lot at your blog during the last months.

    your photos are stunning beauties!
    i love dawn but visually it’s definitely not so spectacular around here – in my area its particular charm is more the fresh of the morning in these hot days and the sound of the bird’s twittering (and the cat prowling around my legs, purring – because he also loves the birds but doubtlessly in a different way).
    i’ll burn your pictures into my mind to accompany the birth of the next couple of days …

    kind regards from far away

    1. Thank you Eve!
      Birds and a kitty seem perfect as companions for fresh summer mornings.
      We are having an extended rainy season, most probably keeping those frogs busy reincarnating back to the frog life over and again. In any case they are singing loud and proud nightly.

      Please send my best-est wish to him for his luck in bird hunting,

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