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Creative Process, September 2005.

A dog fight analogy.

Which beast wins?
The one you feed will.

Creative Process Triptych.

Making the invisible, visible. Kawasaki, Japan.
Both the drawing and the prototype are Aqua Dragon Dress 2 in its early formation.

Aqua Dragon Dye Test, 2006

Beach with large rocks.
A dragon painted on silk.

(yet another) Recap: a dye test for Aqua Dragon Dress (2006).
And a photo of a cool place near my house just yesterday, probably to be the last sunny day of August.

Dragon Drawing, a dye test, 2006.

A Seashell close detail.
A dragon drawing on silk.

Recap: a dye test for Dyed Dragon Series, January 2006.
And a souvenir shell from a trip to Shizuoka Prefecture earlier this month.

Artist at work, 2005, Kawasaki.

Artist at work.

“Is it ‘flowing’?”
Yours truly, trying on one of her prototypes, which, a year later, became a piece called “Aqua Dragon Dress 2”. What she’s standing in is called “pre-relocation mess”.
Autumn 2005, Kawasaki, Japan.

Process in Pictures: Wing Dress – Velocity (2009 – 2011)

Originally posted on Cargo Collective circa June 2011.
Piece: Wing Dress – Velocity (2009-2011), acid dye on silk.

Misty shore with a wave.
Wing dress pencil drawing.
Wing dress pencil drawing.
Sunset shore with a wave.
Sea surface.
Wing painted on silk.
Night sea surface.
Wing painted on a dress.
Wing painted on a dress.
Still sea surface.
Flying gull over sea surface.
A hand painted dress on dune.