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Where Humanity Meets Divine.

Assigning the symbol a new meaning* – A Cross Pouch (2015, retouched in 2020), vintage kimono and rubber. Inquire for custom works like this one.
Special thanks to Narcissuses.

*Wiki: A cross is a geometrical figure consisting of two intersecting lines or bars, usually perpendicular to each other.
 Me: is a figure symbolizing a spark of Inspiration striking through the human realm; at its crossing point is in the continuous ’now’ where everything is vibrant.

A vintage fabric purse.

A small pouch by the sunset sea.

Photographed the day prior, uploaded March 29, 2015 to Flickr. Purse created around shortly before. Revised edit created on February 14, 2021.
The purse was in use for some time before the vintage kimono fabric (with cross pattern) started to tear. Revision to the pouch was made March 2020.

Cross is a symbol I used many times over the years, with earliest ( that are on this website ) being the Pool Series ( circa 1999 – ).

To see the shape stripped off of its historical weight is a practice I’d call “individuation by choice”.
In fact made a zine a while back, loosely on the subject.
It is called “Own Your Shadow” (2018). Please have a look, purchase if you fancy, I poured lots of my experiences into it so that, hopefully, you won’t have to feel too alone while, if applicable, in a lightless cocoon.

Published on February 14, last edited March 04, 2021.

An outdoor swimming pool.
Pool Series (1999-2004)

Flag Series

An abstract patch work.

Being in the moment is looking at a national flag and seeing a piece of cloth.

An abstract patch work.

Flag Series (2003- ) was born out of my fondness for weathered materials.

Few decades back, I found an old American flag in a dusty pile at a thrift store. Over time as I examined the material, transiency I saw woven into the fading fabric spoke to me that, with all it had seen, what remains is only the beauty of life, pulsating in this moment.

By scissoring National flags, I do not intend to dishonor the Nations or the feelings of those who stand behind them. This is not an act of protest.
Rather, by using the Flags as a mere, yet uniquely attractive material in forms nearly unrecognizable of their origins, I wish to abandon the roles assigned to them so as to bring forth the tales of their individual histories.




A patch worked bikini.

From top:
Flag Bag – detail (2006)
Flag Bag with fringed strap (2006)
Suzi Q Bikini Top (2003)

A patch worked bikini.

Last Edited: November 27, 2020

Pool Series

Abstract image of a swimming pool.
Abstract image of a swimming pool.
Abstract image of a swimming pool.
Abstract image of a swimming pool.
Abstract image of a swimming pool.

Taken with single-use waterproof camera.

I, a life-long swimmer, who find the most out-of-ordinary images while swimming, one day decided to record what is really taking place at a common neighborhood swimming pool.

In purified moments of simple awe, I witnessed even a symbol like the cross could escape the weight of history and merge into the otherworldly.



Pool Series (1999-2004)
From top:
Burning Cross
Three Crosses
Single Cross

The series was exhibited at Create:Fixate Photography Show, September 2006, Los Angeles, curated by Jason Elias.

Last Edited: November 27, 2020