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Lily Progress Report

Actual lilies, spider or otherwise, are long gone, but my study continues on.

A flower petals pencil drawing.

Not that I planned it that way, but each spider lily drawings somehow brings out different characters of the blossom.

A flower petals pencil drawing.
A flower petals pencil drawing.

This is for a dyed piece I’ve been working towards tentatively called Spider Lily Top. For those of you who are here for the first time (welcome!), may I refer you to the previously dyed items here.

I am at the stage where I study the, in this case, quite complex shape of the subject. Until I can sort of ‘CAD’ it in my head. That’s my usual plan that is totally subject to change. Stay tuned.

Red Lilies Returned

Yesterday I heard the last cicadas sing.
And look who arrived on the scene just about the same time.

A red spider lily blossom.

Studying the shapes of the subject is not the most exciting phase of the dye project. Sluggishness sets in more often than I wish to admit. The insect scene outside shifting from my beloved cicadas to crickets doesn’t help neither.

A colored flower drawing.

But before I had a chance to zombify myself, spider lilies turned up, slightly earlier this year, in much like a bull fight fashion.
(Red works for me too!)

Resuscitated, now I’m back on a river-side path where I fell in love with those lilies a year ago. A lady with a dog greeted me back (“I was wondering whether you’d show up this year”). Nice to be remembered as a lily-fanatic with a camera.

Red spider lily blossoms.
Red spider lily blossoms.

Red. Unrest.

A spider lily petal drawing.
A spider lily petals drawing.

until you hear the Waves roaring in the petals.

Sea surface.
A spider lily petal drawing.

The drawing is of spider lily petals, colored pencil on paper, 38 x 54cm, a continuing study of the blossom for my upcoming dye piece.
Currently going through bouts of overwhelm at the sight of the bold red challenge. Too late though, I’ve already seen, and heeded, too much of what they have to unveil.

Small adjustment made on texts in the middle on 17Sep21

Lily sans Red.

Flower pencil sketches.
Flower pencil sketches.

Study on spider lilies continues on.

Flower pencil sketches.

Getting more detailed, developing a somewhat specific direction compared to the ones I did a bit ago.


Spider Lily Red

Red spider lilies in Japanese farm.
Sun lit clouds.
A red spider lily blossom.

Spider Lily is the kind of flower that makes me feel like I am looking at something I should not.

Flower pencil sketches.
A red spider lily blossoms.

All, except for the drawing, the first study of the blossom, were photographed back in Autumn 2012.

abstract artwork with a lily and a shell.
2021.09.28 – Stir.

Sunken Feathers

A feather drawing layered on clouds.
A feather drawing layered on sea sparkles.
A feather drawing layered on ocean
A feather drawing layered on sea shore.

Various images of the Ocean are layered over feather drawings originally created for my “Wing Dress” series.

The Ocean has been my muse, especially for the dress series, and during a long creative process my daily visit to the water fed me visions and the energy that deepened and lightened me simultaneously.

These images are my attempt at somehow capturing the mystery I’ve witnessed while by, on or in the Sea.

From top:
Underwater Sky 2 (2015)
Sped (2010)
Teal (2009)
Shore (2011)

Following two:
Underwater Sky (2010)
Flight (2015)

Clouds in both “Underwater Sky” were photographed looking up through the water during mid summer.

「Underwater Sky」の歪んだ雲は夏空を水中から撮影。

A feather drawing layered on clouds.
A feather drawing layered on shore.

Last Edited: November 27, 2020