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Sky Is Ours.

A bird wing and photographic prints of ocean horizons.

Photo: Your Horizons, a diptych (2016)

Truest Tears are those of Gratitude.
– My Dad

What is a “father’s day” anyways? All them special dates emerging from somewhere like a circus clown sprinkling magic dust upon us.
And what good would that do to mend our wings if the sky is, in facto may have been, confiscated from us.
We are all alike, and we are all unique. Submit to the latter and you’ll know we are also all alone.

Sky is ours. Future is not set in stone.
When you stand in your own truth withstanding the “uni” of the unique.
And look over there, see another one, and plenty more of us with our wings strong in the sun,
just and only then we will
bring heaven down to earth where it belonged all along.

Ocean waves and a journal with a drawing.

Originally compiled as a diptych on January 24, 2017, and posted on Cargo Collective.
When I did, I was not planning to match the pattern of the drawing and the wave. One of them happy “coincidences”.
Drawing is an early version of this one: “Pencil Drawings for Spider Lily Red 2”.
Published here on March 14, 2021.

Artist at work on a drawing.

The piece in progress is a paper model of the first “Wing Dress”, self photographed September 14, sea August 11, 2008. Compiled as a diptych, posted on my website around 2009.
I am actually looking into a mirror, not at myself but the dress. This was how I decided on placement of feathers.
Edit revised and published on February 23, 2021.