Creative Self Exploration – Part Four: Let’s Pretend!


(You) Imagine from the Seat of Your Soul.

Let’s do something different.

Welcome to the Part Four of this year-long play date called “Creative Self Exploration”, where I, the initiator, facilitate the whole thing by following (nearly) solely my creative hunches.

Last 12 weeks (Part 2 and 3) we’ve done separately, the imagining and introspecting (Pt. 2) then drawing / painting (Pt.3).
For the next 6 weeks, we will combine the two part process into one and to make matters simpler, bypass the introspection part altogether.

I will ask you each week, to pick a creature you fancy, and draw as you imagine how the life would be being the creature. For each week (from Wk.19 to 23), I pick a category grouped by their mobility.

Please prepare a drawing tool, choose from either a pencil – colored or graphite, or crayon/crayon pastel. This is because I am going to ask you to close your eyes while drawing as a human, imagining how it’d be like.
And a sheet of paper a week, so just 5 total is perfect – if not possible or if you so prefer, one large(-enough) sheet will do, too. No “extra paper in case” needed – because you will not be making mistakes.

So be ready; more quality fun ahead!!

( in reverse chronological order )

Week 21: Winged, with Four or More Legs

May 25, 2024

What are the creatures with four plus legs and a set of wings? Tinker Bell*?
I am thinking insects – butterflies bees beetles. Mayflies. Cicadas. Crazy variety of insects.

*Why not fairies? What is on my mind for Part 4 is this: imagining the lives of creatures that exist in most people’s “reality” in details knowing, what we emphasize/envision about them are still our subjective reality, we never get to know if we got it right, how it’s really like for them.
Creatively exploring oneself has a lot to do with tapping into the part of you no one can quite fully grasp – may make you aware of the gap that cannot be filled.
Part 4 is designed to tickle that potential a tiny bit, in a fun sort of way. Fairies, for instance, changes all that a slight bit, that being said…
If you feel strongly that your choice has got to be, say, a tooth fairy (I am NOT mocking you), then by all means, go for it.

As I mentioned in Intro above, the weekly category is grouped by the creatures’ mobility.
Compared to the last week’s two legged winged ones that use their wings like our (you human, right?) arms, this week’s creatures got full set of limbs and wings.
(It may be interesting to spend some time this week, observing them make use of all that – like 6 limbs and 4 wings!!)

Let’s start by envisioning the winged living things with 4+ legs. Which ones come to your awareness?
Naturally, gradually, narrow down to smaller number of creatures that are intriguing to you.

Settle in with a sheet of paper and your choice of drawing tool in front of you.
Choose one creature and start imagining the way it moves about in this world.
Imagine with empathy, in detail, until you start to feel its aliveness.
When ready, pick up your pencil/crayon, close your eyes and start to draw in ways you see fit.
Continue until you feel the drawing process comes naturally to an end.

Like we did last two weeks, imagine the way it floats about, feeds itself, lives its life.
(Being a mosquito would be a tad bit different from being a butterfly.)
And while doing so draw as if you are tracing its movements, vitality, intent, energy.
As if to translate the way you emphasize with the creature onto your paper.

I went into details about this imagining bit last two weeks, so this week, I will leave you alone with your imagination.
(If need be, feel free to refer back by scrolling down – they are short read.)
Also, I posted yesterday, my drawing for the previous week (Wk20), not so much to exemplify but to visually present what I have been proposing – to imagine, feel, envision and draw, like a child we all once were…

Creative Innocence Never Abandons You.

It will always be there, waiting for you.

See you next week!

Week 20: Winged with Two Legs

May 18, 2024

What are the two-legged creatures with a set of wings?
Birds, or course but also bats and some dinosaurs*.

*I heard birds today are also considered dinos but here, I am referring to those from millions of years ago.

Start the process by naturally letting your thoughts about those who are in this category, surface.
Since we are not opening a zoo here, creatures can be ones already gone extinct.
Gently, leisurely, and gradually perhaps, narrow down to ones you feel marked interest toward.
(It may be pleasurable to spend a few days walking the earth thinking about the winged creatures.)

When ready and got enough time and space to spare….

Place your paper and pencil/crayon on the wide/stable-enough surface in front of you.
Pick a winged, 2 legged creature that stands out in your mind the most, and begin to imagine how it lives its life.
Go into details, imagine emphatically with relaxed focus.
When ready, close your eyes and draw** as you imagine the feel of its movements, etc.
Continue until you sense the process of drawing has run its course.

**”Draw”ing here in this exercise can be anything (as in, do what feels right to you ultimately), but what’s on my mind when I write in this context is abstract scribbles of sorts – free from the constrain of “getting the shape right” – purely following your imaginative energies and internal nudges, flowing through the tip of your pencil/crayon.
Explained some last week as well, scroll down to Week 19 towards the end, a paragraph before the big letter “Be One with…”.

Just as we did last week, I am proposing you take pleasure in imagining the way your creature moves about.
The way it flies, flaps its wings – how do those muscles feel pushing the air down with each movement, glides on wind going fast without goggles like humans would, dive into the water with precision, how the water surface gets punctured with its beaks…..
A bird of prey battling a snake, flying up with a rabbit in its claws, is it heavy or too hungry to care, how is it like crafting a nest with beaks, does it fear hunters?
Does your creature migrate? How well does it see at night?
Why do you think it sings?
Does it have wings but unable to fly – like penguins whose sky is the sea?

As was the last week, we are imagining and drawing as a human. We are not pretending to be a bird drawing with its beaks, but pretending to know how it feels being the winged. In fact…
Pretending is not an accurate expression come to think of it. It is about valuing the power of imagination.

Also worth noting: the emphasis here is not on the end result, but on the process. Meaning, the finished picture isn’t as important as the way you feel while you draw, in other words…..

Creativity sets you free into the Moment where everything is Vibrant.

…and you can escape into the moment this way any old time.

Have a wonder-full week!!

Week 19: Four Legged

May 11, 2024

Get your paper and pencil/crayon ready. Place them on a stable/large enough surface.
Start thinking about four-legged creatures on this planet. We got tons, our four-legged friends.
Which ones come to your awareness?

Carve out a block of time you can call your own.
Out of all the four-legged living things that come to your mind,
pick the one you feel most strongly about.
Imagine the life of the creature of your choice. Go into details of its life until you are emotionally moved.
When ready, pick up your drawing tool*, close your eyes, and
as you continue to imagine-feel, freely move/press your pencil/crayon on paper.
When you feel done, stop drawing and open your eyes.

*Expressions “drawing tool(s)” and “pencil/crayon” are used interchangeably.

Critters grouped as “four-legged” include alligators turtles cats dogs bears and even kangaroos (they look more two legged as seen on internet).
Choose the one you feel the most intrigue, interest, some form of positive attraction towards.
( Easier that way.)

Imagine the way the creature runs, rolls, jumps, lazes.
The way a lion’s tail slaps itself when it jolts up, a bear climbs a tree so agile way more athletic than it appears.
How it hunts, forages, feasts.
Did you pick wolf? Imagine, until you almost feel its paws sinking deep in snow as it treks through the coldest, the hunt, hunger, hardship, presence of the pack, loyalty and bond, do you think it dreams of when it was a cub curled up cozy in a den, with siblings in a bundle of fur balls?
What about chihuahua or an elephant, how do their feet feel as they stride through their life?
A frog, a roo, a rabbit, the spring of their hind legs. How do you think it feels to be in midair like they do?

Direct your thoughts toward its behaviors/mannerisms until you get into it, you start feeling it, the liveliness of the creature.

Please be noted: you are imagining as a human. And you will be drawing as a human holding a pencil.
(In other words, no need to try and figure out how, as a bear, to hold onto a pencil.)

So when you face your drawing paper with your eyes closed, I ask you to let yourself go with the pen in your hand. Draw freely as you imagine the feel of a cheetah sprints. The speed, the muscles, the oneness with the wind.
You let your pen go where it wants to go, press hard, or lightly like a feather, with heightened momentum or slowed gentleness.
Please have fun. Feel into the sense of Creative Freedom.

Be One with Your Imagination;

you are not limited on the paper.

When you feel done – you will know when – gently discontinue and open your eyes.

See you next week!!

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