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Creative Self Exploration – Part Five: Past. Present. Poetry.


Welcome to the Part 5 of Creative Self Exploration. Can you believe we are already at the halfway point of the year?

In this section, we are going to dive into yet another aspect of who you are: your memories. This time, instead of visuals, we’ll use words as the creative-expressive instrument.

Each week, I will propose a theme, an angle to focus. You then dive into the ocean of your life experiences and bring back to present, what is the most significant/applicable memory/experience, and describe it in one word.
You can describe in emotional quality (e.g. happy, sad, sulking, smiles, tears, etc…) or something related to the memory (e.g. violet, Vienna, windowsill, exhaust, zoology…). What is important here is that you choose the word that stands out in your mind/awareness the most. Not what’s pragmatic, presentable, proper, but what appeals to you the most, even if it doesn’t make sense to you, let alone anyone else.

This is, has been in fact, an exercise to generate fun, as in a form of spirited energy/state perhaps, requiring mostly only your self. In other words, this is not an exam, hence you cannot “fail” it.
It’s you following your creative hunch and initiating the process, then letting the results happen.
Repeat this interplay of effort and letting go and you may soon find yourself strolling through…

Infinity is a Meadow where every imaginable flowers bloom.

Let’s make a bouquet!!

Please Be Noted: If, at any point, you feel overwhelmed or get other strong responses from you, please take care and discontinue / choose easier memory instead. Read more in Introduction page – scroll down to “Few Important Notes”.

( in reverse chronological order )

Week 29: Restore

July 20, 2024

When you hear the word “restore”, how does it sound to you? How do you define it?

According to Thesaurus, “restore” can mean:

rebuild, reestablish, revitalize, rescue, recover, renew, revive, redeem, refresh, retouch, rejuvenate, reintroduce…….. (there’re more at

This week, the last of the Part 5: Past. Present. Poetry., I first ask you to choose the definition that clicks with you. When you’re ready…

Find a place/time, where you can be peacefully focused for a while.

As we have done last four weeks, go over in your mind, your life experiences seeking for ones that make you feel want to restore.

Choose one memory/experience that feels, perhaps, especially lit within your consciousness.

Next, choose one word that is perfect to assign/dedicate to the memory.

Write down in the way you want, the word you chose on the same special place you’ve written down the preceding four words.

Choosing, in this case, is not an analytical process. It is more about requesting yourself a memory/a word, then let the answer arise from within you.

Nothing wrong with “analytical” – just not the focus of these Part 5 exercises.

I talked about this too many times in previous weeks, so I touch on it lightly as a reminder.

“Restore” got an interesting flavor: restoring what was lost, destroyed, missed. What went wrong.

What didn’t connect, didn’t materialize. What had slipped through your fingers.

To hunt for a word to match your memory can be like fishing in a pond full of emotions, especially so this week.

You may or may not feel that way, but if you are about to be overtaken by your emotions, I recommend you try the following while working on this week’s theme:

blur your focus on the way the memory makes you feel, and continue to wait for the one word to surface from within your consciousness. You are neither pushing your feelings away nor letting yourself submerged in them.

Instead, as if listening to cicadas sing, you acknowledge them being there or may even be feeling them, but do so with a certain distance while keeping your focus on the deep pond of your consciousness, waiting for that one word coming up from the depth of it.

I am suggesting an experimental approach here (hence, “Creative Self Exploration” ;). If some of your memories make you feel you wish to “restore” them, then there is something ‘active’ about the memories. Nothing wrong with that. However.

In this exercise we are not trying to resolve/ forget/ heal them. Instead, attempting to crown, as in honor, it – your memory/feeling/wish – with a word of your choice.

Restore, may be the most “ambivalent” of all Part 5 themes, quite poetic, perhaps. That is also quite perfect because, next week, we will be concluding the Part 5 with a really fun experiment using all five words we have chosen. We are writing a poem!!!

That will be the poem of your lifetime, however long you have been on this planet.

The lifetime that happens only once in the history of the Universe.

I conclude every week with a line or two of statement in a large fancy font.

I write them as an encouragement, for looking within can require extra oomph.

Not meant to be self-worship tho, but more self appreciation. Respect.

It’s a reminder, in case someone needs it, that…

You Alone hold the Key to your Treasure Chest;

Trust, Dare, and Greet the Jewels of your Existence.

Don’t forget to come by next week, it will be a blast!!

Week 28: Recoil

July 13, 2024

recoil (verb)
to draw back; start or shrink back, as in alarm, horror, or disgust.

This week’s theme can be a bit challenging; we are diving into our memory bank fishing for what makes us recoil.

(Allow me to repeat) I recommend you take on this week’s exploration only if you feel able to handle it. In other words, nothing wrong with taking a break as in skip this week’s work, or choose milder memory of the sort.

Ready? Let’s get started!

Find a calm moment alone with yourself and begin, scanning your life experiences for the memories you feel you recoil* from.
Perhaps gradually, narrow them down to one that stands out to you the most.
Ideally without getting into specifics about the memory, ask yourself what would be the one word to give/dedicate/assign to the experience.
Let the answer / the word surface from within you, and when it does, write on the special place you’ve written the previous three words on.

*Recoil – also can be, avoid, deny, ignore, push away…

Let bygones be bygones…is a saying I’ve learned fairly recently. In other words, I am not at war with the ‘bygone’ concept. Then why suggest we dig up the discomfort from the past???

Many of you may agree, life as a human in this society can be quite wounding, at least at times. If you still have the “recoil” reaction to a specific memory, then quite possibly, what made you feel that way has not been fully resolved**. Unresolved experiences that make you feel that way, have tendency to affect you in ways that are hard for you to detect.

**Resolved – as in, made peace within yourself regardless of what goes on outside of you regarding the matter at hand.

If the memory like that, is eager to make itself known to you this week, then it may be the sign it is ripe and ready to be resolved – so you can travel this life with a lighter stride. Since this is a “Creative Self Exploration”, I am recommending a simple exercise to possibly remedy-shift some of it through the power of Creativity.

One more time, that is if you feel ready to tackle. Not to scare you but if you proceed, there may be some remembering for you to do*** after this week’s exercise – which can be painful. I ask you to pay close attention to how you feel about the memory – even a subtle sense of overwhelm, such as heavy-heartedness, consistent unsureness, etc. I beg you not to ignore.

***Just to share with you one of the tools I’d use: EFT (emotional freedom technique / tapping on acupuncture points), utilizing the power of our neural networks, known to effectively shift/solve phobias, complex/trauma, etc..
You can do it anywhere, easy to learn on your own and get results (ton of free resources online), also many options to hire practitioners if you prefer. From my experience, oft. enough effect be felt relatively quickly, although is not an instant magical cure.
I am not sponsored by no one / this is purely a suggestion – in case you be left hangin’ with your emotions.

On the other hand, if you feel nervous but eager, and you feel consistently sure-footed, I’d say it’s a good sign but that’s me talking from where I am at. I cannot know where you are at. But You Know You, your limits, readiness. After all, that has been the theme of the whole thing (of “Creative Self…”) to start with.

So…is pain bad? Is it better if all is sunshine and smiles on fluffy clouds?
When contemplating the subject as such, I think of what I learned from practicing photography:

Light and Shadow Together, Create a Beautiful Picture.

Creativity has a habit of doing exactly that; to turn your suffering into a powerful asset, your life into a solid canvas.

Hope this week’s exercise haven’t repelled you much – have a fab week!!

Week 27: Remember

July 06, 2024

This week, we are going to find a life experience to remember, and a single word to dedicate to the experience.

As we have done in previous two weeks….

Find time/space to be, that’s suitable for reflecting on your life.

As if to type in search words, ask yourself for memories/experiences you either know you will, or you wish to, remember.

Choose one that feels most significant to you, and without getting into why it is so, request from you a word most suited for the experience.

Write down the word on the same special place as the last two weeks.

The experience can be a delightful one or otherwise. If it is particularly traumatic for instance, I urge you to make sure you feel able to handle the feelings associated with the memory.
(I talked about this in length previous two weeks so I keep it short here.)

As for the word – it can be the word best describes the experience, a perfect match for the experience, you are naming the experience like giving it a title, etc. etc…
All this may sound vague but basically, what I’m suggesting is you ask yourself ‘open’ kind of question such as, “what would be the one word I choose for the experience?” – and sense your answer rises in your awareness like a surfacing submarine.

By the way…

The Part 5: Past. Present. Poetry. is not about “dwelling in the past”.
It is about exploring our consciousness as a super computer – super wise, super kind.

I wouldn’t know why you’d pick a particular memory. But you might.

Or you may not understand neither but the word surfaced from within you may make sense to you in a way so unexpectedly perfect, catch you by nice surprise, even if the memory itself isn’t exactly nice.

You see, there’s something about asking oneself – and receiving a response from within.
A memory. A word. Emerging from the depth of you like a whale in the deep would.
(I find it wondrous I hope you would too)
In any case…

Possibilities are limitless when you

Befriend the Mystery Within

and you’ll soon discover, you got an ally, loyal for life.

Have a wonderful week!!

Week 26: Re-Do

June 29, 2024

Are there life experiences you wish to re-do, if you could?
This week we focus on such experiences.
We’ll go through the same process as we did last week.
Please refer (back) to it if/when needed by scrolling down a bit, it’s a short read.

Get quiet within yourself, and scan through your past experiences/memories for what you wish to re-do.
Select the one that stands out to you the most.
Get real quiet and find one word that best represent the experience.
Write down the word on the same special place as you did last week.

Re-doing what you had, doesn’t have to mean, you regret.
Can be that you are more curious as in, “What if?”. Or adventurous. Eager, to experiment.
Re-doing here means, to revisit and do it differently.
Either a little, or a whole lot diff, but you wanna do diff, alter the experience some.
How you’d like it to be instead, is not the concern of this week’s exercise. That’d be too long a story, but mostly because I am suggesting we bypass the rhyme/reason and tap into what feels right.

Re-Doing may not feel as fun as the last week’s Re-Living.
May make you feel more hesitant, heavy-hearted, possibly.
I’d say, little bit of such discomfort would be alright. As long as you feel you can handle it.
(Please be honest with yourself; sometimes courage means admitting to yourself you have limits – at least for the time being.)
Name the experience through your discomfort. Crown it with the one word you’d like to dedicate to.

One suggestion I just came up with, regarding the writing down of the word(s).
It doesn’t have to be written in order, tidy like a list. Unless that is what you want.
You can write like you are drawing, upside down against each other. Perpendicular, if you prefer.
No need to write in same size, same language, same style with same pen each week.
Do it just the way you want, allow yourself as much freedom, write with your fingers, elbow, foot!, use a twig esp. if the word is “twig”…
No need to be readable to anyone other than you.
No fairies will be harmed during the process.

Get Real Quiet within;
witness your Creative Freedom blossom.

When you choose your one word, you are giving a name to one such blossom.

Best Wishes to you, from me and the fairies!

Week 25: Re-Live

June 22, 2024

Do you have a past experience you want to re-live, over and again?
This week, we are going to pick one memory/experience that makes you feel exactly that.

Find a place secluded enough to sit with yourself for a while.
Scan through your life experiences and ask: what is the experience I’d like to re-live*?
Ask, get quiet and wait for the answer to emerge from within you.
Without analyzing** as to why, ask yourself another question: what would be the one word that best describe the memory/experience?
Again, wait for the answer.
When you get the word, write it down on somewhere that feels special to you.

*“Re-living” here, means, you want to re-experience as it exactly was.
**This can be hard, but doing your best is enough. If something is very loud, e.g. “the reason why I wanna re-live is because I wanna re-do what happened, I feel incomplete til then!!”. In such case, please kindly hear your voice and jot down what it says, and go back to this week’s asking & waiting business.

The memory doesn’t have to be (unless it is, of course) the usual happy ones, like the best vacation, sweetest romance, biggest windfall, etc. (My suggestions are kept emotionally neutral for this purpose.)
The word can be descriptive of the way you feel, or what is specifically significant to the memory.
The wait can be 10 minutes, 10 hours or a few days. Please do not feel rushed though, if possible. Good enough answers will most probably arrive within the time frame of this exercise. Nothing has to be perfect. Emphasis of this exercise is on asking, waiting/trusting (enough) and listening/hearing your answers, not on getting them perfectly accurate.
As for listening and hearing, the volume of your response may require your delicate attention. The replies to these questions may arrive like a feather.

If you are like how I used to be***, you may feel nervous about mishearing the answer. Or not getting them within a week, or not getting them at all. If that’s the case…..

If ‘misheard’, so what. That then is your memory/word that is right at this time.
If answers are late, that then is okay too. That’s how things are, for now.
Leave them blank, if they didn’t come to you at all. What’s blocking you from your answers today, may be wanting to make itself known first.****
In any case, it is way more important that you asked you, and waited for you.

***I said, “I used to be”, not to talk at you from a high horse. My skill improved over time, much better at it now although never perfect – but I do remember the struggle.
****If it feels too overwhelming (I know I’m repeating myself but hey, allow me!), do not push yourself and seek self care measures ( that include help from others). My experience is that I become aware of such (what blocks me, etc) only when I am ready to resolve it. I shouldn’t and would not speak for everyone though.
I have a sneaking suspicion however, that there’s a high chance that you’ll know what you need.

Never underestimate the Potential of your Creative Intelligence;
It knows the way, to Infinity and back.

Lastly, you may ask, what’s this “somewhere special” business?
Save your answer like a password, is what I meant to say.
For it kinda is, to the deeper layer of your existence.

Hope you’ll enjoy this week’s exercise.
See you in a week!

Creative Self Exploration – Part Four: Let’s Pretend!


(You) Imagine from the Seat of Your Soul.

Let’s do something different.

Welcome to the Part Four of this year-long play date called “Creative Self Exploration”, where I, the initiator, facilitate the whole thing by following (nearly) solely my creative hunches.

Last 12 weeks (Part 2 and 3) we’ve done separately, the imagining and introspecting (Pt. 2) then drawing / painting (Pt.3).
For the next 6 weeks, we will combine the two part process into one and to make matters simpler, bypass the introspection part altogether.

I will ask you each week, to pick a creature you fancy, and draw as you imagine how the life would be being the creature. For each week (from Wk.19 to 23), I pick a category grouped by their mobility.

Please prepare a drawing tool, choose from either a pencil – colored or graphite, or crayon/crayon pastel. This is because I am going to ask you to close your eyes while drawing as a human, imagining how it’d be like.
And a sheet of paper a week, so just 5 total is perfect – if not possible or if you so prefer, one large(-enough) sheet will do, too. No “extra paper in case” needed – because you will not be making mistakes.

So be ready; more quality fun ahead!!

( in reverse chronological order )

Week 24: Conclusion – You, the Guest of Honor

June 15, 2024

First of all, if you got five drawings from last 5 weeks, I thank you for giving this a try. I’m honored that you have.
This week, we are going to ‘pretend’, to have a gallery opening party for these drawings.


(In this section, I am suggesting that you actually decorate your wall in your physical space.)

Do you have a wall space where you can pin all five drawings to? Or tape them on a window with the light coming through like backlight?
Nothing has to be perfect, but please do find a space.
Unless you really cannot. In which case, you instead imagine how you’d like to do it, in just the way you want.

How would you like to present your drawings?
On a white wall like most art galleries, or some other color that would be considered unconventional?
If you actually can modify the space a bit (e.g. a large paper in your favorite color on your wall to decorate your drawings on), please go ahead and do so.
Important point is that, you do what feels right to you, if you have a choice/means to do so. If you don’t at this point, I suggest you acknowledge-appreciate your idea(s) anyways, and imagine / visualize how you’d like them to look.


(In this section, I am not suggesting to actually invite /send invites to people.)

To whom would you like to send invites?
It can be someone you cannot meet in person.
(e.g. a relative who passed, yourself as a kid, a teacher you lost touch with…)

I recommend you pick people you really want to show your pictures to, like introducing the part of you that is new to them, which also possibly is new to you.
If you only have a small number of people in mind, worry not. This is not about you being social. What’s suggested here is to be honest with yourself, as much as you can (for this can be actually kinda difficult).

Now, can you invite you as a critic?
If you are like me, you may have heard from yourself a criticism or two during the last 5 weeks. (I share mine, to give you examples: “this is ridiculous, no one would do this” / “oh look, the drawing sucks, you really an artist?”)
Can you imagine you as a critic? Let’s invite the critic, your alter ego.
How would you the critic be like, walking into your show, dressed in what style of garment, body languages, demeanor, vibe, expressive or silent – of words, opinions?
Converse with the critic, if you may. If you want to avoid the critic, then observe from safe distance. Ask questions, defend yourself, possibly befriend. How well do you think you two would get along?


(In this section, I suggest that you plan, prepare and host a gallery opening party for yourself in your actual, physical space.)

Now let’s congratulate ourselves, shall we?
You, the host of the show, get to decide how you’d like to celebrate.
Coffee, champaign, cheese and crackers? If tight on budget, no worries.
Decorate the space with flowers you pick from the sidewalk. Better yet, the plant you chose in Week 23 (if suitable, of course – if it was a tall tree, collect leaves if possible). Please do what you can, in ways you would like, to present your drawings in the best possible way, best, as you see fit.
Because they are part of you, those pictures you drew, they came from who you are.

And as I’ve said in preceding sections, if you cannot do all this in actuality at this point, please hold the party in your imaginative mind.
This matters so very much. Do so until it feels exciting, until you feel proud of what you did (if proud already, stay with it and make it stronger).

Last but not least.
Sit/stand by your gallery wall (or lay the drawings out in front of you if you are opting for imagined party), and be present with your drawings. Give your work on the wall a precious gift of time and attention.
Be alone with them a while. Take your time, take them in.
After all, you are the most important guest at your show.

It’s the Creative in you
that fills the hole in your heart.

You may decide at one point, to actually invite someone to view your drawings. That is not within the scope of this Creative Self Exploration exercise/experiment hence I am not to opine on but.
But let me say this in case you get disappointed by the person’s reaction (happens sometimes): how you feel about your pictures is the sole focus of Part Four: Let’s Pretend. Said this not as a statement about the quality of your work, which is difficult, if not impossible, to objectively gauge. If someone gets it, great, but that is considered in this exercise, to be just an icing* on the already rich, delicious, magnificent cake.

*Reason: putting more importance on this icing may hinder your creativity/imaginativeness, especially if shown too soon since drawings are created or if you are new to this form of practice. This suggestion’s made as a practice in creative freedom, and is not intended to isolate you in any way.

Well thank you again, for sticking around this far and giving this a try.
(If you haven’t, I invite you to.)
Come back in a week, for we will be venturing into Part Five, the world made of words and emotions. More quality fun ahead.
Til then!!

Week 23: Planted

June 08, 2024

Have you wondered about a tree, its root planted in the earth, solid.
Wind. Rain. Sleet and storms. It stands there taking it, swaying with it.
And wears countless pearls of raindrops as the sunlight returns.

This is the last week of the Part 4: Let’s Pretend!, and our focus is on our friends in the “plants” family.
Let’s begin by gently, focus on and mull over any and all that are in the category.
What plants are the ones you feel the most pull towards?
Ask a question as such and see how your answers arise from within you.

When you are able to narrow down your picks to a special few….

Find a place / time to spend some grounded, relaxed (enough) moments with yourself.
Settle in with a sheet of paper and a drawing tool of your choice.
Choose the plant most fascinating to you, and start imagining how it’s like to be the plant.
Let your imagination take you to a place where you exist alongside the plant.
When ready, pick up your pencil/crayon, close your eyes and start drawing* as if your imagination’s set free on paper.
Continue until you feel done.

*As repeated in previous weeks, “drawing” here can be in any form but I lean toward abstract, as in, not focused on getting the actual shape of the plant “right” – unless you feel compelled to do so. Done as freely (as possible) like children’s doodles. I shared mine here for reference.

Muse upon what fascinates you about the plant of your choice.
Colors, scent, seasons, blossoms and fruits, its favorite climate, how tall, how small, how fast it grows.
Delicate and/or dynamic, strength, elegance. Quite possibly, all at the same time.

How it swings in the wind, leaves twirl in the breeze. How does it feel when a bird perched on it sings?
Or, is it actually the plant, who sings through the bird (and tips the bird with its fruits)?
Imagine how would it be like to not have a say in its own fate, or is it actually manipulating the mind of a human with a hacksaw when it wants a trim?

Imagine, until you feel
Wondrous. Spirited. Free.

As we all know…
The best kind of Freedom happens in one’s mind;
that’s how we come alive in Creativity.

Join me in a week, we will be concluding the Part Four.
Til then!!

Week 22: Finned, Gilled, Scaled.

June 01, 2024

In Part 4 of Creative Self Exploration the creatures are grouped together by their mobility.
This week’s creatures – with fins, gills, scales – include:
fishes, snakes – a bit different but loosely fit, some mammals like dolphins. Dugongs, seals, sea lions. Entire family of fishes – except for jelly fishes, octopuses, squids – you get the picture.

It can be scaled without gills, got fins but not scales – they are the ones without limbs / wings, but manage to move about quite dynamically anyways, using mostly their ‘core muscles’ – think dolphin strokes, how we swim simulating their movements.
This week’s creatures are the ones with that movements.

Let’s start.
Make a little space in your mind, to mull over the creatures of the week.
Which ones come to your mind?
Let your thoughts/ideas surface from within you naturally. Allow yourself, if applicable, to be surprised at your preferences.
When you are able to narrow your choices down to a select few…..

Find a place you feel serene enough to sit for a while, and settle in with a sheet of paper and a drawing tool of your choice.
Pick one creature from the category, and start imagining its life.
Continue until you feel lively imagining how it lives, and moves about.
When you feel ready, pick your pencil/crayon up, close your eyes and start drawing in ways you feel led to*.
Flow with it until you sense there’s no more to draw.

*For reference, I made a post to show you how I did mine here: “Sky’s Empty Without You.”

Do you think your creature likes its environment**?
Compared to the previous 3 groups, it is way more immersed in its environment. It may crawl on belly, or live enwrapped in a body of water. Large surface of its skin come in contact with the solids – i.e. ground /water, unlike the air is to the birds for example.

**This is not an activism statement.

Crawling on sand or in grass. Swimming in rapids or stillwater.
What would be the dangers, or pleasures, who are the predators, how it preys upon whom.
Do you think the creature likes us***, the ones that move about very differently?

***Again, not an activism statement.

During Part 4, our focus is not on our mind****.
I am proposing to you, to (safely) lose yourself in your imagination. For a while.
And connect your imagination directly to your drawing hand (if you are using your hand to draw).

****Example: imagine “how a sea lion greets me”, not analyze “why I picked sea lion”.

Bypassing our analytical mind***** is like going on a mini vacation. Except no need to call in sick, nor contact an airline.
Honing one’s ability to imagine is not a meaningless pastime. Nor a delusional practice.
Done right, like we are doing here, it won’t result in a trip to asylum neither.

*****This is not to say “analytical” is always bad for you. It’s just one way to tone one’s creative muscle – to turn it off during an execise as this one.
Not suggesting it is always easy neither. So if you have hard time bypassing your inner analyst / (possibly) critic at least initially, please don’t judge yourself and know, giving it your current best is more than good enough.

To imagine, at least in the way suggested here, is to allow the sense of wonder to take hold of you.
Imagination is a gentle force that breaks through the wall of mundane.
And takes you to where you can let your creative hair down, let your potentials come alive.

Power of Imagination:
Transcends the Mundane Into Miraculous.

Wishing you a fun ride!

Week 21: Winged, with Four or More Legs

May 25, 2024

What are the creatures with four plus legs and a set of wings? Tinker Bell*?
I am thinking insects – butterflies bees beetles. Mayflies. Cicadas. Crazy variety of insects.

*Why not fairies? What is on my mind for Part 4 is this: imagining the lives of creatures that exist in most people’s “reality” in details knowing, what we emphasize/envision about them are still our subjective reality, we never get to know if we got it right, how it’s really like for them.
Creatively exploring oneself has a lot to do with tapping into the part of you no one can quite fully grasp – may make you aware of the gap that cannot be filled.
Part 4 is designed to tickle that potential a tiny bit, in a fun sort of way. Fairies, for instance, changes all that a slight bit, that being said…
If you feel strongly that your choice has got to be, say, a tooth fairy (I am NOT mocking you), then by all means, go for it.

As I mentioned in Intro above, the weekly category is grouped by the creatures’ mobility.
Compared to the last week’s two legged winged ones that use their wings like our (you human, right?) arms, this week’s creatures got full set of limbs and wings.
(It may be interesting to spend some time this week, observing them make use of all that – like 6 limbs and 4 wings!!)

Let’s start by envisioning the winged living things with 4+ legs. Which ones come to your awareness?
Naturally, gradually, narrow down to smaller number of creatures that are intriguing to you.

Settle in with a sheet of paper and your choice of drawing tool in front of you.
Choose one creature and start imagining the way it moves about in this world.
Imagine with empathy, in detail, until you start to feel its aliveness.
When ready, pick up your pencil/crayon, close your eyes and start to draw in ways you see fit.
Continue until you feel the drawing process comes naturally to an end.

Like we did last two weeks, imagine the way it floats about, feeds itself, lives its life.
(Being a mosquito would be a tad bit different from being a butterfly.)
And while doing so draw as if you are tracing its movements, vitality, intent, energy.
As if to translate the way you emphasize with the creature onto your paper.

I went into details about this imagining bit last two weeks, so this week, I will leave you alone with your imagination.
(If need be, feel free to refer back by scrolling down – they are short read.)
Also, I posted yesterday, my drawing for the previous week (Wk20), not so much to exemplify but to visually present what I have been proposing – to imagine, feel, envision and draw, like a child we all once were…

Creative Innocence Never Abandons You.

It will always be there, waiting for you.

See you next week!

Week 20: Winged with Two Legs

May 18, 2024

What are the two-legged creatures with a set of wings?
Birds, or course but also bats and some dinosaurs*.

*I heard birds today are also considered dinos but here, I am referring to those from millions of years ago.

Start the process by naturally letting your thoughts about those who are in this category, surface.
Since we are not opening a zoo here, creatures can be ones already gone extinct.
Gently, leisurely, and gradually perhaps, narrow down to ones you feel marked interest toward.
(It may be pleasurable to spend a few days walking the earth thinking about the winged creatures.)

When ready and got enough time and space to spare….

Place your paper and pencil/crayon on the wide/stable-enough surface in front of you.
Pick a winged, 2 legged creature that stands out in your mind the most, and begin to imagine how it lives its life.
Go into details, imagine emphatically with relaxed focus.
When ready, close your eyes and draw** as you imagine the feel of its movements, etc.
Continue until you sense the process of drawing has run its course.

**”Draw”ing here in this exercise can be anything (as in, do what feels right to you ultimately), but what’s on my mind when I write in this context is abstract scribbles of sorts – free from the constrain of “getting the shape right” – purely following your imaginative energies and internal nudges, flowing through the tip of your pencil/crayon.
Explained some last week as well, scroll down to Week 19 towards the end, a paragraph before the big letter “Be One with…”.

Just as we did last week, I am proposing you take pleasure in imagining the way your creature moves about.
The way it flies, flaps its wings – how do those muscles feel pushing the air down with each movement, glides on wind going fast without goggles like humans would, dive into the water with precision, how the water surface gets punctured with its beaks…..
A bird of prey battling a snake, flying up with a rabbit in its claws, is it heavy or too hungry to care, how is it like crafting a nest with beaks, does it fear hunters?
Does your creature migrate? How well does it see at night?
Why do you think it sings?
Does it have wings but unable to fly – like penguins whose sky is the sea?

As was the last week, we are imagining and drawing as a human. We are not pretending to be a bird drawing with its beaks, but pretending to know how it feels being the winged. In fact…
Pretending is not an accurate expression come to think of it. It is about valuing the power of imagination.

Also worth noting: the emphasis here is not on the end result, but on the process. Meaning, the finished picture isn’t as important as the way you feel while you draw, in other words…..

Creativity sets you free into the Moment where everything is Vibrant.

…and you can escape into the moment this way any old time.

Have a wonder-full week!!

Week 19: Four Legged

May 11, 2024

Get your paper and pencil/crayon ready. Place them on a stable/large enough surface.
Start thinking about four-legged creatures on this planet. We got tons, our four-legged friends.
Which ones come to your awareness?

Carve out a block of time you can call your own.
Out of all the four-legged living things that come to your mind,
pick the one you feel most strongly about.
Imagine the life of the creature of your choice. Go into details of its life until you are emotionally moved.
When ready, pick up your drawing tool*, close your eyes, and
as you continue to imagine-feel, freely move/press your pencil/crayon on paper.
When you feel done, stop drawing and open your eyes.

*Expressions “drawing tool(s)” and “pencil/crayon” are used interchangeably.

Critters grouped as “four-legged” include alligators turtles cats dogs bears and even kangaroos (they look more two legged as seen on internet).
Choose the one you feel the most intrigue, interest, some form of positive attraction towards.
( Easier that way.)

Imagine the way the creature runs, rolls, jumps, lazes.
The way a lion’s tail slaps itself when it jolts up, a bear climbs a tree so agile way more athletic than it appears.
How it hunts, forages, feasts.
Did you pick wolf? Imagine, until you almost feel its paws sinking deep in snow as it treks through the coldest, the hunt, hunger, hardship, presence of the pack, loyalty and bond, do you think it dreams of when it was a cub curled up cozy in a den, with siblings in a bundle of fur balls?
What about chihuahua or an elephant, how do their feet feel as they stride through their life?
A frog, a roo, a rabbit, the spring of their hind legs. How do you think it feels to be in midair like they do?

Direct your thoughts toward its behaviors/mannerisms until you get into it, you start feeling it, the liveliness of the creature.

Please be noted: you are imagining as a human. And you will be drawing as a human holding a pencil.
(In other words, no need to try and figure out how, as a bear, to hold onto a pencil.)

So when you face your drawing paper with your eyes closed, I ask you to let yourself go with the pen in your hand. Draw freely as you imagine the feel of a cheetah sprints. The speed, the muscles, the oneness with the wind.
You let your pen go where it wants to go, press hard, or lightly like a feather, with heightened momentum or slowed gentleness.
Please have fun. Feel into the sense of Creative Freedom.

Be One with Your Imagination;

you are not limited on the paper.

When you feel done – you will know when – gently discontinue and open your eyes.

See you next week!!

Creative Self Exploration – Part Three: Your Creative Flow


Welcome to Part Three of the year-long experiment “Creative Self Exploration”.
For the next several weeks, we will be painting/drawing an abstract art piece. I will primarily be writing for non-painters. Of course though, all the other folks are equally welcome.

“Abstract art” can mean a plenty of different things, but here, I am going to ask you to translate what you discovered about yourself in Part Two into simple shapes/colors/textures.

This is not a test. There is no right or wrong. No one is coming to rate you, nor grade your work. You’ve got nothing to measure up to.
Because, what we are about to embark upon here, is a dialogue between you and you. It’s personal, it is sacred, the process of which can be quite delicate. For this reason I strongly recommend that you keep your art piece while in progress, private, as in, not sharing it on social media, or otherwise involve people in your life, if possible, as we ultimately explore our…

In Creativity, You Are Inherently Free.

Let’s dive in!!

What’s this about? INTRODUCTION
Just found this out? I recommend you either start from PART ONE…..
Or, if it is currently going on (unfolding) and want to join in “live”, I recommend you work on Part 2 and 3 together, e.g. Week 10 from Part Two first then Week 16.

( in reverse chronological order )

Week 18: Picture it, Your Own Truth.

May 04, 2024

Hello again, it is a pleasure to welcome you (back) here, as the Part Three wraps up this week.
If you have given this a try through last five weeks, you now have a drawing/painting – your work, let’s call it hereafter – with 5 shapes on it, a picture that is a reflection, a representation of you, an aspect of who you are as of late.

Please take out your work, place it in front of you, and let’s introspect, a journey to your internal world, and let’s make it fun and imaginative.

Carve out a time you can have you all to yourself.
Relaxedly observe your thoughts and feelings arising as you behold your work in front of you.
What is the word that best describe your work?
If you choose to show it to one person, who would that be, and how do you think the person would respond?
If you decide not to show it to no one, how do you feel about that?
Now, imagine yourself bringing the work of yours to the party we held in Week 12. What are your guests’ responses?
If you are to decorate your Hakoniwa from Part 1 with it, how would you like to, where do you place it?

Please make sure, you will be alone and undisturbed for a while (unless you really cannot).
Can you be accepting of all your responses, nice and not so much?
If you come up with multiple words to describe your work, choose the one that feels the strongest, got most emotion(s) to it.
And the one person bit; how do you feel about that scenario, how does it make you feel?
What about keeping it to yourself bit? Do you think you are being selfish? Shy? Secretive or smart?

Okay, these questions may not be much fun. Admittedly. Introspection isn’t always easy breezy.
But they give you so very valuable insights into your internal sanctuary. More on this later.

How about this, the guests at your Week 12 Hakoniwa party, do you think they will like your depiction of them?

Lastly, the decorating bit.
Imagine. Frame it with driftwood? Barn wood? Hire a pro or do it yourself?
What about printing it on a wall paper, or turn it into a stained grass ceiling?
If you used a monotoned tool like graphite pencil, it would make a perfectly chic interior textile.
Do you see where I’m going?

Imagine, please go ahead, and set yourself free in your imagination.

If you print it on a tee shirt and go out into the real (versus imagined) world, you’d be literally standing in your own truth, even if you don’t say a word to no one about who did the picture. Just a fun experiment suggestion when/if.

Lastly, one more idea to conclude with:

Your Internal World is a Sanctuary that cradles Your Soul
which speaks a Universal Language called Creativity.

Hope you like, or (grow to) love, what you did, your work, your masterpiece #1.

Next week, we are going to venture into Part 4. We will be continuing with the imagine-draw theme.
Please prepare 5 sheets of paper and a pencil, colored or graphite, or a crayon. There’s a reason for this specific request, which I will explain in coming weeks.

See you then!!

Week 17: Radio Freedom; Tune In.

April 27, 2024

Hello, and welcome (back) to this here, a year-long project-exercise-experiment I, a self-taught artist who reclaimed her creative prowess* in adulthood, conduct, following (nearly) solely her hunch/intuition/inspiration.
All for the reason of sharing with you, the delight of delving into self as the one and only treasure chest, and the power of Creativity felt abundantly in the process.

+Prowess synonyms: boldness, dauntlessness –
…as in, massive decrease in self doubt – me.

This week, we are completing the art work we’ve been working on for the last 4 weeks.
So please, get your masterpiece in the making out on a workable surface along with the painting/drawing tool(s) of your choice.

Now, shall we refer back to what we did in Week 11 from Part Two. We looked into the way we feel about our hair along with the metaphor of our mane being an antenna.
I would like to focus on the antenna part, which, in this exercise, receives and transmits the signals.

Set aside a little time and space where you can unwind for a while.
Review your answers to the Week 11’s “antenna” questions.
Visualize your signals, both coming in and going out, in colors, textures, shades.
Pick one color/texture that feels most significant, and when ready, draw/paint on your picture a shape best represents what you visualized, using the color/texture you chose.
Carefully listen into yourself for a sense that your work is done, follow the sense and set the work down.

As has been, if you are using a monotone drawing tool like a graphite pencil, you use texture to express what you envisioned.
I had gone into details last week about this process, it is a quick read so please scroll down (until you see “Example.”) and check it out.

Please allow “signals” in this context to be more imaginative than realistic; they can be blazing out of you while landing on your head like a soft cloud coming in. They can be turbulent, enticing, encompassing or piercing. Since we are not starting a radio station with this exercise, I ask you to be as “unrealistic” as needed. I recommend you do this until you feel the sense of, could be subtle/gentle, excitement, of being juiced up**. I say this because…..

**This may not happen if you are new to this line of practice. Not right away. Everyone has access to this, seems to happen in one’s own timing.

Creativity is the Essence of Life, that makes a Silver Lining Sparkle and Shine.

We now completed our first picture. My sincere CONGRATS!!! to you, thank you so much for giving this a try.
Next week we will celebrate, so be sure to return for more quality fun – til then!

Week 16: Colors of Your Existence

April 20, 2024

Hi Visitor, good to have you (back) here.
Let’s jump right in.

I’ve asked a lot of questions in Week 10, the corresponding week to this week’s exercise, about your skin as a boundary that encases you.

I would like you to return to your answers from the week, and contemplate on the following:

Imagine yourself seeing you from distance, far enough to give you an objective view of yourself.

Remembering your answers from Week 10, ask yourself:
if you are to translate your perception of your skin into colors, shades, and textures, what do you look like to you?

If you see multiple colors, etc. choose the ones that give you the strongest impression, and
 draw/paint in that color/shade/texture, a shape that best represents the impression you got from your existence.

Mind you, this is about your impression of yourself, and not your actual skin color or physical shape.


If a person in actuality is considered yellow who may want to lose a few pounds.
(That’s me btw ;)

The person, in this exercise, sees herself in a fluffy cloud-like (texture) white (color) with a slight grey tint (shade) around her throat, her heart in polished (texture) sweet (shade) pale pink (color) and her toes in metallic (texture) blue-ish (shade) slate grey (color).
Strongest impression she got was the pink, and to herself she appeared like a cotton candy (shape) , so she drew on her paper a pink uneven round shape with fuzzy contour using acrylic paint applied with an actual cotton wad.

If you chose a single tone tool like a graphite pencil, you’d be seeing you in variations of textures and shades.
For instance, feather-soft/slight “shading” application for your throat color, also soft but drawn with a bit more pressure to get the graphite-sheen on chest, strong/hard zigzag on toes…and overall shape you can draw in circling lines to make it look cotton candy-like.

It doesn’t have to be this detailed so if you feel overwhelmed reading this, please don’t.
I went an extra mile describing, trying to give you better ideas.

This week’s would be the 4th shape on your emerging art work. Place the shape of the week on your paper where you feel most drawn to.
You may choose to let it overlap with the other shapes, make it the biggest one or in a size of an ant, and so on. It is up to you.

Please keep in mind that, what is coming together is a depiction of your truth.

Give in to Your Truth and you’ll soon find you have gained a life-long Friend.

We will draw one more shape next week, then the next next week we will celebrate in ways imaginative and fun.
As always, I beg you to revere your emerging picture.

Have a good one and be back in a week!!

Week 15: Scent Journey Inward

April 13, 2024

Welcome back Dear Visitor!!

It’s been a pleasure to welcome you (back) to this year-long experiment/exercise where I follow my creative hunch and let this whole thing unfold. I am getting inspirations for up to Part 5, and am excited to share them with you in near future.

If you just found this and would like to give this a try “live” – as this project unfolds, I recommend you work on Part Two and Three together, example, for this week, Week 9 then the current Week 15.

This week, we are going to use what we found in Week 9 and paint/draw on our emerging masterpiece.
Back in Week 9, we explored our sense of smell, what recollections surface within you.

Firstly, please bring out your paper you’ve been drawing on for last 2 weeks, and tools (e.g. pencils, pastels, paints, crayons….) of your choice.
If possible, find a spacious/stable/even enough surface where your elbows (if you are using your hands) can freely move about. If not enough room, no worries, just find a large enough space and make do.

Let me remind you this; limitations like that won’t limit your Creative Flow.
Easier with space, especially if you haven’t done something like this before, but not a must.
In fact, finding your way despite can be another opportunity for Creativity to aid you, and one more reason for you to be proud of yourself.

Let’s move forward:

Settle in a comfortable (enough) position / place, and reflect on what you discovered about yourself in Week 9.
Pick one scent memory that is most compelling to you, and allow yourself to feel into the memory.
Think of 3 colors (if using monotone tools, 3 textures) that best represent the following:
a color of your scent, of your memory, and of your emotions/feelings associated with them.
Choose one out of the 3, and when ready, draw/paint a shape you feel is right, on where on paper you are drawn to, with the color of your choice.

I intend to keep each week’s entry short enough. I shared some tips in previous 2 weeks about this drawing/painting experiment, so please do have a look, if you haven’t already.

When you feel you are done, trust the feeling and set the artwork down for now.
And pretty please, take time to marvel at your picture, coming together.
I say this as I remember another special friend of mine who once remarked, “the longest journey is the one you take, from your head to your heart.”
Allow me to humbly add:

The Most Beautiful Journey is the one you take Inward.

Bon Voyage, and see you in a week!!

Week 14: Listening to Your Visions

April 06, 2024

Hello again, how was your week?

This week, we are turning our ears’ experience into a picture.

We are going to picturize the sound. Let’s refer back to Week 8.
If you are just joining me and wish to come along live (as this exercise unfolds), work on Week 8 first then come back to this week’s experiment/exercise.

First, take out the sheet of paper you drew/painted on last week, and the drawing/painting tool(s) – pen/paint/crayon, etc.- of your choice.

Just as we did last week….

Find time and place where you can relax and focus for a while.
Pick one memory/recollection from what you discovered about yourself in Week 8.
Go into the experience, re-live the memorable moment(s). Savor what makes it so special.
In your mind, remember it in colors. Then in textures, shapes. Make it vivid.

When ready, pick one tool, choose a position within the sheet and draw/paint a shape you just envisioned, with your choice of color/texture – as if to place your ear-memory onto the paper.

Can you turn what is so special about the memory you picked into a color? If using a single-tone tool like graphite pencil, texture? In other words….
If you choose one color/texture that best represent your memory, which one would that be, how does it look?
If color, is it pale or dark, if texture, fluffy or jagged?
What the shape would be, a circle, a rectangle, warped, elongated, squared? Zig-zagged , wave formed or more like a cloud? How big within the paper, where in relation to the last week’s shape?
Do you want to fill the shape with the color/texture, or would rather leave some of it un-filled?

Memory you pick does not have to be a “happy” one, to make this exercise positive.
Recalling a special friend of mine who once told me “life comes in all 31 flavors.” …

Embrace all flavors until every one of them becomes Beautiful.

So yes, pick the memory that feels right. Even if doing so feels uncomfortable, no worries.
The very act of turning to Creativity transcends the experience; the Ultimate Positivity embedded in it.
The very act itself is a form of Embrace.

Now, “re-living the experience” may not be too appealing if your choice of memory is particularly, for instance, sorrowful.
I am not suggesting extended suffering.
What is suggested here is to bring the emotions/feelings, etc. forward in your consciousness, and imagine them in color-texture-shape and draw/paint, as if to move them from inside you onto the paper. May sound silly but I urge you to give it a try anyways.

Unless. as I stated in “Introduction/Disclaimer” – scroll down to “Few Important Notes”, remembering is too overwhelming.
If so, please discontinue and pick something easier.
Timing may not be right. You’ll know. Just please do not strain yourself.
This I learned myself through trials and trials:
Going gentle does not delay one’s progress. Straining oneself oft. does.

So now you got 2 shapes on 1 sheet of paper.
A parting wish for this week: please take a moment and be amused by your emerging picture.

Have a good one!!

Week 13: Step Into Your Blank Canvas

March 30, 2024

( I am going to write as if you have been with me since Part 1 throughout. If you have not / just joined me, etc., please go through each week from Part 2 along with Part 3 that is starting now. )

Let’s begin by referring back to Week 7: Your Feet.
But first, prepare your pen(s) / pencil(s) / paint(s)*, etc., and a piece of paper on a surface large enough to place them.
( I strongly suggest not using an eraser, and prepare just one sheet of paper. )
Please set aside enough time lest you not feel rushed.
Relax into what you found in your Week 7 exercise.

*I touched on this in Part Two’s “Important Notice” (at the top of the page): if you have one graphite pencil for instance, you can sharpen it to a needle point and fill the shape of your choice with thin, hard line scribble. Or, use the side of the pencil and fill your shape with soft fuzzy texture. If you chose paints in tubes, you can thin them with water and paint your shape with a brush, or apply thick paint with your hands.
Possibility is limitless even with limited tools / materials.

Pick one time / place your feet remember most strongly / strikingly.
Walk into the memory and live it as vividly as you can.
Hold the vision, the feel, the senses, as if you are right there, feeling it.
And ask yourself:
if your memory has the color / texture / shape, what would that be?
And where on the paper would you place it, how big is the shape?

When ready, draw / paint your shape on your paper where it feels right.

Please remember: you cannot do this wrong, even if you tried your damnedest.

When you ask yourself, please become silent enough, patient enough and eager enough, to listen to any hint of inspiration** arising inside you. An inspiration to pick a particular pen instead of a brush, for instance, could be a mere whisper. It may not make sense, a part of you may wage a war against it.

**Needless to say, but on internet, playing it safe is golden: what is suggested here is giving into inspiration that is life-affirming and not those that are harmful / destructive to self and/or others.

If you can hear resistant thoughts inside your mind, please write them down for future reference.
Another benefit of doing so is that more often than not, by simply writing them down on paper that is external to you, helps you create a distance from their influence.

Alternately. If you cannot harness your resistant thoughts/feelings enough, example, this whole thing makes you angry and that’s all you feel, then, you can instead find a color-shape-texture of your anger and paint/draw it on your paper. In other words,
what I am really saying is this:

Who You Are Now Is Always Perfect for Creativity to Flow Through.

I wish you’ll have a fun time.
Sincerely, and see you in a week!!

Creative Self Exploration – Part Two: You, The Temple.

Important Notice:

I just had an inspiration today.
For Part 3, we will be using what we discover in Part 2, to create an abstract painting/drawing.
Please prepare a sheet of paper and something to paint with, such as, crayons, pastels, paints – preferably 3 to 5 different colors and/or textures/materials. At minimum, one graphite pencil/ a charcoal block for example – something to easily draw in varying textures/tones with – and a found material like cardboard, newspaper, etc – will do.
You have several weeks to prepare, needn’t be fancy, but if possible choose something you feel drawn to/comfortable with.
– February 18, 2024, edited on Feb 20, ’24.

What’s this about? INTRODUCTION
Just found this out? I recommend you start from PART ONE

( in reverse chronological order )

Week 12: Conclusion: Make Yourself At Home!

March 23, 2024

Hello hello, welcome back again.

This week, we are going to conclude the Part Two.

But firstly.
I’ve written each week thruout Part Two, a short note on how I approach ‘inclusivity’ regarding our physique.
It’s not really about being “inclusive” however. Allow me to explain. Thanks in advance.

I understand people live many different circumstances. Challenges, if you will, that may inconvenience your day-to-day existence in this world we live in. This can be said, obviously, about broader subjects, not just about our body.
With that in mind, let me clarify one more time, where I am coming from.

Especially, but not limited to, considering the person’s Creativity…..

Your Unique Circumstance can be
Your Most Substantial Asset.

Also / by the way, these snippets, like the one above, in large, fancy font are written as encouragements*. 

The words come to me as I write each week; they are spoken directly from my experience of claiming my creativity**.

*Because looking within isn’t always easy.
**Not just ‘art’, although I write as an artist.

Okay folks, let’s dive in, shall we?

How was the experience of Part Two (P2), any change in the way you see your bod? Yourself?

Imagine, if you will, you are throwing a post-P2 party, inviting each subjected part as a party guest: your feet, ears, nose, skin and hair.

What would the gathering be like? Time, attire, vibe….
Picture, the party’s in your Hakoniwa from Part One; how would you arrange it?

What would you write on invitation cards, and post party thank you notes?

How was Part Two for you? Anything stood out as especially challenging? Flowing?
Lasting impressions? New discoveries?
Which one(s) you enjoyed the most? The otherwise?

As for the party….
How’s the behavior/character of each guest?
What would the conversations be like?
Are they getting along okay? Who’s more chummy with whom, and with you?
Adoration? Animosity? Hair looking down on feet?
Favoritism? Equalism? Partying down, or party proper?

How would you decorate your Hakoniwa for the gathering?
Are you watching sunset together, a midday pool party or candle-lit wining and dining?

Will you write same message for everyone, on invites / thank you notes?
And how was it for you, the party host?

So this is it.
CONGRATS!!, to you for completing the Part Two.

Part Three will begin next week. We will be painting/drawing an abstract art piece, based on what we discovered about our body during Part Two.
It will be helpful, if you can jot down important points about each P2 week.
If you are not, or if you are joining in late, you can go back to Part 2 while on Part 3. (e.g. Work on Week7 and upcoming Week13 together – I think you’ll find it much simpler than it sounds.)

Looking forward to seeing you in a week, as the new adventure unfolds.

Week 11: Your Hair: Mane Majestic

March 16, 2024

Majestic synonyms: dignified, sovereign.
– from

You’re given the Divine Right to your Dignity;

so much so you even get to choose whether to accept it.

Part Two, started with our feet, makes the last stop this week at our crown: our hair.

But first, I gotta drop a quick note, as have been for the entirety of Part Two: if you have no hair at the time of your giving this exercise a try, please substitute with either the memories of your hair, or your scalp.

Your mane, more often than not, plays a role of a silent servant. Oft seen more from the view point of appearance management, doesn’t scream when it’s cut, nor object when applied heat.
I thought it’d be interesting to point a spotlight and ask some questions, such as…

How do you perceive your hair, currently, and over the years?

If your hair is an antenna, which feels more true, emitting or receiving signals?

How would your signal sound like, what does it say, to you, and to the world?

What do you think of your hair, a decor, a protection, a shelter, a spear or a shield?

A root growing upward?

Most people have experienced multiple ways of styling hair. Do you feel your perception(s) of your hair changed along with it?

Some say, your hair is an antenna. Let’s explore this idea.

If it is, what have you received through it so far? Pulse, light, sound, songs like a radio would?
How’s the reception been, consistently good, full of noise or varies depending on your do?

Let’s explore further. If this antenna can also transmit signals, what do you think yours would be sending out?
Is it consciously crafted, or unintentionally escaped from within you?
From what part of your body / existence the signals come from – e.g. your heart, head, throat, etc, and how personal is the message to you?

Have you notice any change in your perception of your hair, after asking these questions?

So, that’s it, folks!!
Next week, we will conclude Part Two, and the week after, start Part Three, where we will use what we discovered about ourselves thru Part Two to create an abstract art piece.

In case you are from the “Oh I can’t draw, not even a stick figure” camp…
You are in LUCK, fren. You see, most children are naturally, and enviably good at drawing abstract. You probably were, too.
I will do my best to guide you through it, so at the very least, it will be a fun experience.
And arguably, not too many things are more important in life, than to experience quality fun.

See you in a week!!

Week 10: Your Skin: Between You and the World

March 09, 2024

Hello howdy, how have you been?

This week we are going to focus on our largest organ, our skin. And am thinking of approaching it a tad bit differently.

So, our skin. It contains you, enfolds your self, while simultaneously is exposed to the world around you, in direct contact with it.

It fights for you, it feels for you, is your armor, a shield, a wrapper, a billboard.

Your Skin Envelops You, an Inimitable Gift to the World.

Quick Note: It is the largest in most cases. I could not think of ways to exist without skin but I know I don’t know everything, so if needed, please adjust what is suggested in this exercise – skin as what stands between you and the world – to your unique circumstances.

Please set aside a few moments this week like taking off for a very short vacation and ask yourself:
How do you see/perceive your skin?

How the world around you feels on your skin? 

If your skin could talk, what would it say, in what tone of voice?

What is different this week from previous few weeks is that, I’m suggesting that you feel into you today.
For example, how is the perception(s) of your skin as of …. now. As a starting point anyways, because, asking questions as such may lead you to a certain point in your past.
If that happens, please take notes and return, when ready, to this week’s questions.

Is your skin more of a wrapper than an armor to you?
Does it feel translucent, or is it more like a mirror?
Hard shell or fluid silk?
Just to make sure, it is not your actual skin’s texture that is in question here. It’s the way you feel about your skin as an organ that encases the rest of your physicality – along with it your emotions, memories, your history.
Is it consistent or varies depending on the region, as in, armor on your back, billboard is your forehead….

Does the world, to your skin, feel like a feathered nest or a bed of nails? A battlefield, a no-man’s land, a tropical jungle or a mosh pit?
Hailstorm on your back (ouch!!) while a fluffy cloud covers your crown?
Anywhere you feel more protective of, or feel more open to the world? Tender vs numb?

And if your skin could talk, what would it say and how eager do you feel, to listen to what it has to say?

As always, I am suggesting you ask you and let your answers surface, you collect them answers and take notes – especially since we are going to be using all that info to paint/draw an abstract art in Part 3, coming up in a few weeks.
I think it will be a blast.

Enjoy your mini vacation this week!!

Week 9: Your Nose: Scent, Potent.

March 02, 2024

Hello and welcome back. Can you believe it has already been 9 weeks, which is more than one-sixth of the whole year?

This week, let’s venture into the magnificent world of scent.
Sense of smell seems to have a special relationship with a person’s memories.
Before we go any further though…

Just like with Week 7 and 8, if your scent-sensing/nose function is hindered, please pick the part of your body that serves the closest. For example, if you interpret smell into vision as in seeing the scent i.e. your eyes perform a double duty, then please focus on your eyes.

Find a place and time where you can feel reasonably relaxed for a while.
As if going over your life experiences through your nose, gently focus on your nose and let what it remembers surface.
What scent connects to which memories, and how do they make you feel?

Please perform this week’s task with extra patience/attentiveness and treat what you find with utmost respect – like a museum archivist with white gloves would.

Lots written about the connection between memories and scent (as easily be found on our internet).
Strong tie as such may bring up deepest of your emotions. Naturally, not all we remember make us smile. Please be extra sweet to yourself this week as you embark on your journey inward, and as I mentioned in the “disclaimer” (scroll down to “Few Important Notes”), if you feel overwhelmed, I beg you not to push/rush.
Nature in you somehow knows how much is too much, so please listen.
What you have to postpone this week may not overwhelm you in a year; things of this nature seem to have their own order, something else may have to come to your awareness first.
So please…

Trust the Process Unfolding;

like a flower bud, your Intuitive Wisdom knows the way.

When you are ready, choose a few memories/feelings significant to you.
If they are on more sorrowful-painful side (but you can handle them), I suggest you examine them by imagining them into colors, shapes, textures – a precursor to the upcoming Part 3 where we will draw/paint an abstract picture.

Hope you find this exercise meaningful – see you next week!!

Week 8: Your Ears: Soundness of Your Visions

February 24, 2024

‘soundness’ synonyms include:
integrity, strength, truth.

Welcome back to this weekly, year-long experiment meant to be fun and hopefully also, inspirational.
Suggesting, most of all, you being the fondest inspiration to yourself.
It has already been a great lesson for me.

This week, we are focusing on our ears.
As stated last week, this exercise is designed to include all living biological humans. If your hearing is impaired, please substitute with the part of your body that functions closest to sensing the sound/vibration/frequency.

Find a place reasonably quiet where you can be alone for a while.
Giving your ears soft, permissive attention, allow them to recollect what they heard/experienced up to this point.
What do they remember, and how do they make you feel?

Perhaps it’s a swing at a park resonated so right it unlocked the treasure chest in your subconscious.
You may remember shifting colors of the sky on one special day with your ears like a concerto.
Or, you find your ears reliving the feel of squeaky sand revived just last week with your feet.

Please be nonjudgmental and allow what they – your ears – want to recall, surface.
They – memories/recollections – may trigger optimism or pessimism. While not to recommend anyone staying sad, both are valuable information about your truth/self. That is what I mean by “nonjudgmental”.

Furthermore, this is not an exercise to get comfy in mere sentimentalism. What is suggested here is that you tap into you as the…

Your body is The Ultimate Supercomputer, fueled by a bottomless supply of Purest Love.

Please make sure to take notes of significant finds. As mentioned at the top, you will need the info for the upcoming Part Three /in several weeks.

Wishing you a fab week listening to your ears ;)

Week 7: Your Feet: The Miles You Walked

February 17, 2024

Welcome to the Part Two of Creative Self Exploration, a year-long experiment/adventure, where I play it by my intuitive ear and post weekly themes every Saturday JST.
In Part Two, we will focus on our physicality, our body, the temple we inhabit.

I’d like to start off by focusing on our feet.
On many miles we walked, on times we stood still whether in awe or aghast. They are the foundation of our existence.

Important Note:
If you do not stand on your feet for variety of reasons, please focus instead, on the foundation of your mobility, such as the palm of your hands that steer your wheelchair. If you have no mobility then where your body contacts the ground. In other words, this exercise does not intend to exclude you whatever your circumstance may be. I don’t say this to be politically correct neither. What I mean, which, I believe, applies to everyone, is…

Your physique is Your Temple, wherever you’ve been, however you are.

Please take an undisturbed moment and give your feet a gentle, open attention.
Kindly let your feet recollect memories of the places they walked/stood upon.
Any time/place(s) in particular that stand out, if so, in what way(s)?

Feel any sensations as you let your feet remember?
Feelings, emotions, memories … visions, thoughts, scent/taste/sound?
What are your favorites, do you wish to revisit the places/experiences?

Any ripple effects, chain reactions, of recollections?
What do they mean to you, then and now?

Please give enough moments this week, ask questions like these
and allow the answers to surface from within you.

You can write, draw, record in whatever the method you feel drawn to.
I do recommend you take notes, treat those snippets like gold nuggets.
And you, a gold mine.

Have fun!!

Creative Self Exploration – Part One: Your Clean Slate

What’s this about? INTRODUCTION
Just got here? Scroll to the bottom and start with WEEK ONE.

( in reverse chronological order )

Week 6: Conclude, Shall We?

February 10, 2024

The last week of Part One, here we go!!

Bring one furniture from where you live, into your Hakoniwa.
Place it where and how you feel is right.
Imagine yourself sitting/leaning on /standing by the furniture.
What do you see? How do you feel?

How is the furniture placed in relation to the object from Week 1?
How does it relate to your surroundings, imagined in Week 2-5?
What do they tell you about yourself, your life – thoughts, feelings, memories?
Correlations, symbols, wisdom from yourself?

(You can either imagine yourself there, or imagine looking at you being there from where you actually are.)

Now, please do be open, as in accepting, to the way you feel, being there in your space.

Let me share with you how I have done it so far, for the purpose of conveying what I mean by all this.

“I am in my loft on a folded futon. My Week 1 object, a sequined silver dress’ positioned a few meters away nearly out of my peripheral vision. I sit facing a very large rabbit in distance with its gaze fixed in my direction, I see it through the wall with no windows. I feel on my back warmth from the very sunny beach, the light from which sparkling on the sequins of the dress.

“As I imagined, an awareness surfaced, about its significance in relation to my current life, what this rabbit symbolizes to me.
With this awareness alone the rabbit shrunk in size, to the point I can no longer see its expression, and sensed myself turning away towards the beach.”

See how this exercise can be of benefit – for instance, to increase one’s self-knowledge and internal freedom…?

More than anything tho, please, if you may, marvel at what you created in last five weeks.
That’s your garden, your room, your space you assembled together into imaginative reality.

Your Creative Potential: Limitless.

Join me in Part Two starting next Saturday, til then!!

Week 5: Lastly, Skyward.

February 03, 2024

Let’s turn our attention to what is above us.
Imagine, standing in your space//garden/loft, and looking up skyward.
What do you see there, the structure over you, and the space above it?

Do you have a roof, shade, awning?
See stars through your skylight, or solid ceiling above you blocking the sun?
How starlit is the night, how bright the sunshine?
Do you feel the warmth, the chill, or is it scorching and you feel it even through the roofing?
If it’s a garden, is it fully open or part covered, if so with what type of structure, made of what materials?

How is the light, the sound, the atmosphere – anything falling? Flying?
How does it feel to be beneath it?

Imagination tells you a story you star in.

As always, please take your time and listen to your answers arise from within you
– for your attention to yourself is a gift of generosity, and you, the main character of an unfolding story.

Have a beautiful week!!

Week 4: Inside, Looking Out.

January 27, 2024

Imagine standing in your space – garden, loft – and looking over the fences, through the windows – what you envisioned in Week 2.
Look around, all directions.
What do you see?

Do you see tall buildings, or giraffes? How close to your space, are they….friendly?
Dense or spacious? Busy or tranquil? What’s the overall feel, the vibe, of what surrounds your space?

Do you hear anything?
Traffic, waves, dinosaurs…

Which view / element do you like the most, and the least?

Again, please don’t judge your answers even when they are “impractical”, because….

You are the one you will spend
the entirety of your life with.

…and every time you embrace the ideas as they surface from within you, the Creative Energy would, with equal eagerness flow through and circulate around you.

I hope you are having a swell time with this exercise / experiment.
See you in a week!!

Week 3: Ask Your Soles

January 20, 2024

How is the ground / floor?
What is it made of / from, and how does it feel to the soles of your feet?

Grassy, sandy, packed dirt. Hardwood, or carpeted? What kind of carpet, how fine is the sand?
And how do your soles feel, standing on them?
Wood panels squeak? How tall are the grasses? Any inhabitants, birds, insects or a snake?

Suspend Your Logic &

Please remember this: you don’t have to make sense.
You can have a hummingbird hovering above footprints of a polar bear.

Imagine walking around your space, barefoot.
Is it evenly comfortable?

As always,
please take your time and let your answers surface.
…and Have Fun!!

Week 2: Embrace, Enfold.

January 13, 2024

to take or receive gladly or eagerly; accept willingly: to embrace an idea.

Because ‘You’ happens only once in the history of the Universe

Continuing from the Week 1:

What feels right to enclose your garden / loft with;
walls, fences, the height, density, spaciousness?

Again, please take your time letting your answers surface.

Do you want to build a tall continuous wall, a barbed-wire fence?
Or leave one particular side open?
What about windows, balconies, gates…

If you sense any feelings attached to your answer – please take notes.
No need to know / figure out why you want it/feel that way. Not the purpose of this week’s theme anyways.

As you may be well aware: there’s no right or wrong however you want it. But I do wish you embrace your answers and have fun with all this.

You may draw a picture or describe in words. Or just keep your visions in your mind.
Do as you please; it’s your Hakoniwa!

See you in a week :)

Week 1: Let’s Hakoniwa*!!

January 06, 2024

*Hakoniwa is a Japanese word for sand box garden / therapy.

Imagine a garden or a large room like a loft. Think of it as a blank canvas.
If you are to plant/place just one item, what would that be?

– A vintage kettle you didn’t buy that you still think about after decades.
– A park bench you used to sit on at lunch time while working in a office nearby.

This is not “resolution”, nor “to do list” for this year.
Nor about striving-planning-achieveing thing.
It is about letting ideas surface from within you. I am suggesting you catch them ideas when they do. And take notes.

Please spend enough time this week, asking yourself this. In other words, I recommend you do not rush.

It’s best not to analyze nor criticize – which may be a bit of a challenge.
In that case, if it does not feel too much, take a note about your criticism/hesitancy, etc. Not to overcome them but just to gather information.

If you really can’t think of anything, that is alright too.
Sometimes it’s more important that you ask/ed.

See you next week!!

In your imagination
you get to pick whatever you fancy.