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Monochrome Diary, August 2017.

Artist’s hand at work.
Dancers at a Japanese matsuri.

A Cotton Rose bud.
A Cicada Shell on Tiger Daylily.

Vendors at a Japanese matsuri.
A Gardenia blossom.

A photographer’s reflection on water.
Art works in studio.

Cicada body in detail in solarized edit.

Once a friend told me; Cicada is a symbol of rebirth.
Photographed macro on August 2014, edited with VSCO Cam circa June 2017, and posted originally on VSCO May 29, 2019.
For this post I used the approximate edited date as the published date so as to form a cohesive narrative altogether.

For a few years I experimented lots using VSCO app. including this “solarization” psychedelia edit, was fun and helpful, thanks!!
Published on February 21, 2021.