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Once upon a time with Red Spider Lilies.

Red spider lilies in rural Japanese wild.

Photographed September 2015, originally posted on VSCO Cam on October 17, 2017.
Published February 20, 2021.

Lily Shangri-la. Where Life warms you like the gentlest bonfire.
Same as this location (“Lily Sanctuary”), last fall (2020) I saw the tree uprooted along with all the lily bulbs.

Lily Overload (and a few images from random Autumn scenes).

Just wanted to see how a longish title would look.

As a research for my upcoming dye piece, I’ve been taking way too many photos of spider lily blossoms. Through this practice ideas seem to emerge. Well, they better.
Here I picked the best of, all taken just recently.

Silver grasses by the sea.
A Jizou rock statue.
A grasshopper on spider lily buds.
Red spider lily blossoms.
A flowering spider lily bud.
Sun-lit silver grasses.



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