Every petal’s a masterpiece.

For last two weeks, my priority #1 has been to spend as much time with spider lilies, bloom for a short while each autumn.
This year they are back earlier, and seemingly more in numbers.

The blossom has been my muse for sometime now, and here’s why, shown in pictures.

A flower petal close up.
Flower painting on silk.
Flower painting on silk.
A flower petal close up.

The above two drawings are both dye sample swatches, from top the completed #2 and in-progress #3. On different fabrics – both silk, with slight difference in dye absorption, lines bolder on the #3 just because. This style of drawing is a new trick I am trying out since the above #2 but has been on my mind for much longer.

As for the petals, I couldn’t find a thing to add. Examining them closely somehow grew me muted.

Red spider lilies close up.

I’ve decided to call this project “Spider Lily Red”, the newest addition to my dyed threads series.




進行中の彼岸花シリーズ『Spider Lily Red』は当方の染色系統の次作(今までの作品はこちら)。

Red spider lilies in a ray of light.
2020.10.13 – True North

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