A small pouch by the sunset sea.

Photographed the day prior, uploaded March 29, 2015 to Flickr. Purse created around shortly before. Revised edit created on February 14, 2021.
The purse was in use for some time before the vintage kimono fabric (with cross pattern) started to tear. Revision to the pouch was made March 2020.

Cross is a symbol I used many times over the years, with earliest ( that are on this website ) being the Pool Series ( circa 1999 – ).

To see the shape stripped off of its historical weight is a practice I’d call “individuation by choice”.
In fact made a zine a while back, loosely on the subject.
It is called “Own Your Shadow” (2018). Please have a look, purchase if you fancy, I poured lots of my experiences into it so that, hopefully, you won’t have to feel too alone while, if applicable, in a lightless cocoon.

Published on February 14, last edited March 04, 2021.

An outdoor swimming pool.
Pool Series (1999-2004)

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